Servicing and maintenance of the aircraft carrier CVN-72 «Abraham Lincoln» will cost U.S. $ 2.6 billion

Servicing and maintenance of the aircraft carrier CVN-72
The U.S. Navy awarded to Huntington Ingalls Industries contract for refueling and maintenance service of aircraft carrier CVN-72 «Abraham Lincoln» type «Nimitz», reports Aviation Week.
The deal amounted to 2.6 billion dollars. The ship has already arrived at the shipyard in Newport News, Virginia. At first sign a contract for service in the midst of an aircraft carrier planned in February 2013, but the deal was postponed because of funding cuts South American military budget.
Work will be performed in the framework of programs from RCOH (Refuelling and Complex Overhaul), which accounts for about 35% of all maintenance activities and modernization of the «Abraham Lincoln», designed for 50-year service life of the ship.
Servicing and maintenance of the aircraft carrier CVN-72
CVN-72 aircraft carrier «Abraham Lincoln»

Under the terms of applets RCOH, HII will have to change the fuel in 2-nuclear reactors, aircraft carrier also undertake repairing of 2300 branches and several hundred of the vehicle systems. According to the U.S. Navy, thanks to the service, «Abraham Lincoln» will be able to serve in the Navy for the last 25 years.
Vpribavok to Refuelling and maintenance on the aircraft carrier will be modernized flight deck, catapults, combat systems and superstructure. As expected, all the planned work on the ship will end in November 2016.
«Abraham Lincoln» displacement of 97 thousand tons was laid in November 1984 and delivered to the Navy in 1989. By the time the true ship served in the Navy sensitive least 24 years. In an aircraft carrier air group includes 90 aircraft and helicopters. Crew has 3,200 people.

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