Siberian flying aliens!

July 16, 2012 22:47

Siberian flying aliens!Traces of an unknown civilization hidden in the permafrost Yakutia tundra. For many years, a hundred miles Yakuts bypass this remote area. As the transmitted word of mouth legends have played there from the land flattened arch, under which is a set of metal rooms, where even in the most extreme cold in the summer heat.

In ancient times there were local hunters brave souls that slept in the premises. But they later getting very sick, and those who spent the night a few times, generally swiftly died. Another object — smooth metal hemisphere red with very smooth edge (cut nail). It extends from the frozen ground, so that it is possible to drive a reindeer ride ……

"Elyuyu Cherkecheh" translated from Yakut means "Valley of Death." The name speaks for itself. This area, located near the river Vilyui, shrouded in mist of strange and terrible rumors. There's supposedly hidden in the land of the mysterious metal objects that are hazardous to all living things.

Wrote about a mysterious object in the last century, the famous explorer Viljui R. Maack, noting: "On the banks of the river Algy timirbit, which means" great pot drowned "really is a giant pot of copper. The value is unknown, because the ground is only visible to the edge, but there are growing more trees … "

Researchers from the town of Mirny Gutenev A. and J. Michael told us about the old nomads, who, having been in the "Valley of Death", telling them about a metallic hole, in which lie "briskly thin, black eyed people in iron clothes."

What is this strange "boilers" are hidden in the Yakut ground? The wreckage of "flying saucers" gets there after the battle space, as some ufologists? Or is it some traces of ancient civilization? No answer. Only it seems that not all of these legends and rumors are meddlesome fiction. To our office received a letter from another person to attend the "Valley of Death." Michael P. Koretsky from Vladivostok wrote:

"I have been there three times. For the first time in 1933, when I was still 10 years — and his father went to work. Then in 1939 — without the father. And the last time in 1949 with a group of young guys.

"Valley of Death" stretches along the right tributary Vilyuy. In fact — this is a whole chain of valleys along its floodplain. All three times I was there with a guide-Yakutia. We went there not a good life, but because there, in this wilderness could wash gold, not expecting at the end of the season burglary and bullet in the head.

As for the mysterious objects, them there is probably a lot, because in three seasons I saw seven of these "boiler". They all seem to me quite puzzling: first, the size — from six to nine feet in diameter. Secondly, made of unknown metal. You have written that they are made of copper, but I'm sure it's not copper. The fact that the "pocket" does not take even a sharpened chisel (tried more than once). Metal does not break off and do not necessarily kuetsya.Na copper hammer would have left noticeable dents. And this "copper" on top is covered with a layer of unknown material resembling sandpaper. But this is not the oxide film and scale — it is also not skolot or scratching.

Escaping into the ground water wells with the rooms we have not seen. But I noticed that the vegetation around the "boiler" abnormal — is quite different from that which grows around. It is more lush: large-leaved burdock, very long vines, strange grass taller than a man and a half to two times. In one of the "pocket" We spent the whole group / 6 people /. Nothing bad is felt, went quietly without any untoward incidents. No one after seriously ill. Is that one of my friends in three months completely lost all his hair. And on my left side of the head / I slept on it / there were three little sore the size of a match head each. I treated them all my life, but to date has not passed. All our attempts to break off at least a piece of strange "pocket" were not successful. The only thing that I could carry. — Stone. But it is not easy — half perfect ball six inches in diameter. He was black, had no visible signs of treatment, but was very smooth as polished. I picked it up from the ground in one of the boilers. Yakut souvenir I brought with me to the village Samarka Chuguevsky region of Primorsky Krai, where my parents lived in 1933. He lay idle until the grandmother decided to rebuild the house. Needed to glaze the windows and glass cutter was all over the village. I tried to scratch the edge / face / half of this stone ball — it turned out that he cuts with amazing beauty and ease. After that my discovery many times used as a diamond, all the relatives and friends. In 1937, I passed the stone grandfather, and his fall was arrested, taken to Magadan where he lived without trial until 1968 and died. Now no one knows what had happened to the stone … ".

Letter from Mikhail Petrovich, no doubt, includes new tidbits. But also gives rise to new puzzles. Based on this account, for example, suggests the presence of high background radiation "boilers." Giant vegetation around them, non-healing sores on the head, lost hair — obvious symptoms of radiation exposure. But does this mean that the very "boilers" are made of the radioactive metal or they are hidden artificial sources of radiation? Where did this sverhkrepkogo material made these strange objects, by whom, when and why?

It is hard to imagine the practical application of the boiler diameter of nine meters. In this capacity can be boiled whole mammoth … Maybe this is really the "graveyard" alien "cymbals?".

But the Koretsky believes that this is the work of men. Boilers, though strong, but not indefinitely. In his letter, Michael P. emphasizes, in 1933 Yakut conductor told him that 5-10 years ago, he discovered a few heat-balls / they were perfectly round / that high / higher man / performed from the ground. They looked like new. Later the hunter had seen them crack and razobrannymi.Koretsky said after visiting one "pocket" twice, one in the past few years have seen sunk in the ground, apparently from the weight … It turns out that these items appear in the "Valley of Death" recently? Again, no response.

"It is a pity that no one in our country is not involved with this issue today — writes M. Koretsky. — You write that several expeditions recently made an attempt to find vilui "boiler", but could not? .. I think that, if seriously engaged, but with modern technology — surely would have found. Right, is not very much and it was necessary … ".

We thank Mikhail Petrovich for the interesting story and appeal to other readers — if you know anything about the Yakut "Valley of Death", about the nature and origin of the "pot" buried in the Yakut ground sure to write to us. All information will be transferred to the forthcoming expedition, which is preparing to go to the mysterious valley next summer.

Igor Tsarev

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