Silver nanoparticles on guard health

In Concern "Nanoindustry" put into production a series of new generation of disinfectants based on an aqueous colloidal solution of silver nanoparticles "AgBion-2"

The effectiveness of "AgBion-2" as a disinfectant tested in trials of leading Russian scientific organizations: Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. Gamaleya RAMS Institute of Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene named after AN Sysina Medical Sciences, Central Research Institute of Epidemiology, Institute of Nutrition, Institute of Solution Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, the State Research Institute of Restoration; Laboratory of legionellosis (National Center for Medical Sciences of Legionnaires, who works with the Center for legionellosis World Health Organization).

New disinfectants designed for sanitary and domestic use, as well as for the care of pets. They meet all current requirements for this type of product, and can be used in various categories of the population.


The advantages offered by disinfectants are:

  • simultaneously effective against many infections (since the silver nanoparticles have a wide spectrum of action on pathogens and pathogenic flora;
  • hypoallergenic (comprising no chlorine compounds HOUR alcohol, preservatives, aromatics);
  • safe for humans, animals and the environment (because they contain low concentrations of silver.)

A series of seven new disinfectant has a wide scope. Thus, for example,  "With ANTIPLESEN nanosilver"  designed to deal with mold and pathogens. This tool allows you to disinfect the room and the air to destroy even the black mold. Aerosol "Silver Dream" will help  clean the refrigerator and appliances from pathogens. This tool will give antibacterial properties inner surfaces that will eliminate unpleasant odors and extend the shelf life of products. Another spray —  "DEKORNAS" used for disinfecting footwear. It will eliminate the odor, shoes and protect your feet from fungal infections, promotes rapid healing of wounds, fractures, abrasions and chafing.

Means for disinfecting tools, equipment, and first aid in case of injury of the skin serve erozoli   "Tourist", "Fighter" and  "Sport-HELP." They are intended primarily for those who are in an unfavorable sanitary conditions — for tourists, travelers, soldiers, athletes, fans of extreme sports.

Aerosol "GIVE EACH PAW" recommended for cats and dogs. It is applicable for disinfection and treatment of the animal body and legs when they receive scratches and injuries, including those from other animal bites.

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