Slavic calendar for September 2011

September — the fateful month, because the goddess Mokos, Fates, goddesses Doomsday will give each decision judgment.

Before September 11PERUNremains the chief steward. And because PERUN exhibits the strongest qualities in a person, imagine all the best that you have, so it was fixed on the line of your destiny. Especially for 2, 9, 17, 25 September. No observance of the code will lead to certain difficulties, emotional, inadequate emissions, and it will be noted negatively Makos.

Therefore, let us recallCODE PERUNA.    

— Keep your honor and the honor of others.
— Protect family. Conserve energy purity of love in the phenomenal world from evil forces and other forces that could damage it.
— Keep what you already have and what already exists in reality and is opposed to all the hidden and the manifest.
— Inhibit the forces of darkness at that stage of life where they appeared.
— Continuing to improve, build a position increase, moving up and down.
— Avoid chaos and decay, decay and destruction.
— Cultivate the dignity and courage, qualities of a leader.
— If there is something you really want, and you can imagine it, the desire to implement.
— Is not opposed to the gods, that is, not a star.

Recommend compliance with the Code during the Slavic week, which controls the Perun (most often, this is the fourth day after the change of the lunar phases).

Questions oberezhnogo acute nature and this month. Slavs believed that their need to defend, especially if someone infringes your goodness. So always stood for and pay close attention to who is encroaching on your territory, your property, and in this period especially. Learn to be careful and observant. Learn to see the invisible, become vigilantly, on time to protect, defend and preserve the way no one can. It is also a oberegovoy period. And so it is necessary to carry a lore.

September 7there is a meetingPERUNAwith the deity, which bears the nameUD. Please note that the word "luck" is the name of this deity. They come to visit the deityKolovrat, facilitating dramatic twist of fate.

September 11CandlemasPerun and UDD PERERUGOM and Goddess Makos. Day extreme. PERERUG has quite an extreme character, and wherever he appeared, uchinyaet various quarrels, fights, conflicts, carnage, property division. The good news is that it will deterMakos, and that this period will last only until September 25.
There will be many conflicts. Today and you can hear in the address rather unpleasant. People will pour out all that they have accumulated. But this day is monitored andSHARE, and Yarylo, and Dazhbog, and therefore will be a lot of contact and it is likely "to run" in the rough. But our task is not only not "plunge" in conflict situations, but also to get out of them "dividends." After all, this day have a stable of your destiny, it is recommended more often surround themselves with a protective sphere.

Necessarilyfrom September 11 to September 25Clean yourself candle Triglav, drink for all of your fees.

Day of the MeetingSeptember 11— Prophetic day — shows that the stronger in our lives: good or evil, or the wisdom of thoughtlessness, laziness or creativity, is what we seek: good or bad. Pay attention to the people around you: they are progressing or regressing, improved or have stopped and will never develop. On a person who has not improved, dominates a strong destructive energy decay. Under your "wing", he steals your strength success, pulling you into the world and decay.

September 12came the third day after the full moon of the summer solstice, and Perun leave us until next year, and begin to managePERERUG, UD and goddess Mokos, which will constrain these bullies because UD is charged by energy PERERUGA bullies. Another name UDD —Semargl. Semargl came to Earth at the behest of Svarog in a fiery whirlwind, clear of nasties. Semargl — a predator, a fire wolf — is the seed of wild passion, so ye shall sow your case fully, run "sown field", work to remove the greatest abundance of seed from their goals.
In karmic days of destiny, 19, 20, September 21, increase the energy lessons and solutions, reaching its maximum.

September 25the autumnal equinox. In our latitudes, the true equinox, when day length is equal to the duration of the night, this year there, and the difference between the length of day and night maximum. This is the last day of the year, when more light than darkness. And during the reign ofMakosstart to lighten their "dark" side, scrubbing his past, overcoming its previous difficulties and change character. It is clear that in one day, or even half a month will not. But little by little, step by step, until the next arrival of Makos (24 and 25 September 2012), will each. And for their efforts, I would like it or not, the report will have to keep. REMEMBER! YOU ARE THE CREATOR! Start from that day to read every day, throughout the year, "SKHOROMNIK" which will help to organize and discipline themselves, believe in themselves, some time will be a counselor, Guardian Angel.
September 25 day prophetic day. Makos comes into your day, therefore, the full court will issue a decision of God and will require strict compliance with its code. A requirements at Makos are very high, and it has a secret intuition.

Equinox falls on the new moon day, the next program period. At this time, we can program the necessary important targets for implementing them in our destiny, so that later, to work hard, to realize them in the reign of Makos, and it will last till October 12.
Remember that you planned in the Software genus 5 days of January and the days of software Frets on June 30, and the events that happen to you in these days and spend an appropriate adjustment. Reinforce the positive and, if not removed, the lower the impact of a negative.

During the first ten days we will be inBronze kingdom. 6, 7, 8 (am) September from 7:05 to 8:53 and from 16:01 to 17:49 it affects strongly, September 7, its effect is maximal. The greatest impact of this kingdom.
September 11 morning, at 5:54 am the gates of silver kindly thrown open before us. Carefully read the description of the kingdom of silver. That in this difficult time to live in the lively, fill the body of the necessary herbs and clean energy. Try to work out each tower. The results of your work, you will see the quality in the health, relationships with others, and most importantly, that will help strengthen the spirit of pure hear the voice of your soul and get to the problem you were born.

Silver kingdom located in the heart. This kingdom is not broken, chakra, respectively, too.

The energy of this realm makes sense control, subtlety sensation fills the eye clean and magnetism of attraction. Leash passions awakened conscience.
This kingdom is sublime and divine love, tenderness and compassion.
Concentrating positive energy in this realm, one realizes own self, becomes wise and honest, balanced male and female energy, which is at all, both men and women.
Compassion and universal love energy of the kingdom give one language to communicate with others, help to comprehend its purpose.

This kingdom is directly related to the mental body or the body of the mind. This is the spirit — the translator subtle vibrations of reason codes recorded in the shower. And the mental body reflects the structure of human behavior, his creative thinking.

Organs and systems, with which the kingdom: the cardiovascular system, blood vessels, heart, blood, plasma, blood clots, self-purification of the body, the cells protection. lymphatic system T, cleaning and catering respiratory, alimentary and excretory systems, immune function, humoral function — communication organs and systems, oxygenation of the cells, the nervous regulation of the heart and blood vessels. potassium, calcium and sodium metabolism, self-regulation of blood pressure, blood distribution between the rejuvenation of biological age, tonsils, spleen, thymus, bone marrow, lymph cavities, the ventricles of the brain, the tear of the eye, the central canal of the bone marrow. This is a unique drainage system of the body.

Herbal recipe for the silver kingdom.

Two teaspoons:
Flowers of hawthorn
Birch leaf.
One teaspoon:
Green tea.

All herbs mix, grind until smooth, pour 1 liter of boiling water and drink during the put of time to be specified in the following schedule.

September 1 — September 11
First decade PERUN chief steward and space, and the month and week. Implementation of its code to the forefront.
September 7 is a meeting with PERUNA deity that bears the name of AP. The name of the deity in the word "luck." From September 7 to September 9, the strongest time of Perun and UDD starts a big rush of active energy. This also comes in these days and Kolovrat, it can change the destiny. This is a strong male energy days. If you miss the wave of success — expect next year.
Heroic figures, real, brave and ambitious, who direct and manage their own affairs, will be given protection from Perunova Kuret — auxiliary force to be always on time wake-up call to determine the direction of potential trouble. This is such a "Golden Cockerel" — beacon, which will appear in your mind, and you will always feel nasty aimed at you wave, especially when it comes to your financial, career matters.

September 11 Candlemas PERUNA, UDD and PERERUGA and Makos. Very difficult day of September, very emotionally intense. Think carefully about how to live with the maximum benefit.
1, September 2, launched on 31 August will continue the practice of attraction, the effects of magnetism, charm. Time: September 1, 20:24 — 20:57, September 2 12:57 — 20:22.

1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 11 Septemberthe most auspicious days for Lazareva magic by which you speed up execution of their desires.
September 3 next peak of solar activity, hence the additional forces to implement their plans and achieve their goals.

1 (in the afternoon), 2, 3 (am) in September — the realm of gold;
3 (in the afternoon), 4, 5 September — the realm of silver;
6, 7, 8 (am) in September — the realm of bronze, increased;
8 (pm), 9, 10 September — the realm of tin;
September 11 — the realm of copper.

12 September — 18 September
Week of the varying energies. During this period show a lot worst qualities of human character, and the most well-established. Will affect fatigue of the previous week.

September 12 in the third full moon after the summer solstice days to start PERERUG space management and UD and goddesses Makos. Another extreme day of the month, it still controls GODDESS MARA.

PERERUG in Svarga quarreled with all the gods and for the feisty character Svarog was sent to Earth. This evil SPIRIT gathered under his control all Sinister earth, which are now becoming some people. His altar were never empty, as everyone tried to placate his grumpy GOD. But the sanctuary PERERUGA never been priests — they constantly quarreled and went to serve other gods.

Knowing the human weakness, did not dare to leave SVAROG PERERUGA alone with people. To pacify stroptivtsa sent down UDD. But he had another name — PEREPLUT. A secret name was Semargl knows one of Svarog.

PEREPLUT — enriching God, the god of wealth, abundance, seeds. In honor of his dance ritual dances for kindling passion intimate. This deity of vitality, and this is why he was asked infertile families.

A secret name UDD — Semargl — a predator, a werewolf, a fiery wolf This deity of attraction, it is the seed of wild passion, and armed protection. That Semargl stood at a crossroads. Recall the boundary stone with the inscription: "To the left you will go — … (Nav — forces of the past), you go to the right — … (reality — the power of the real world), just go — … (rules — the power of the divine world") and divide people, who in the realm of what go to better co-exist in this world beneath the sky. Strongest people Semargl can point the way, the correct target, the path to riches, but will not accompany you and to achieve the desired, one must win in passion and madness.

If a person has chosen the right path, then it opens the scent of fire wolf, which was identified Semargl-PEREPLUTA. Semargl come in a fiery whirlwind, clear of nasties. Smoke began his victorious banner: where Semargl drove the smoke remained scorched trail of cleanliness, and no evil seed will not germinate in that space. And here's the first clue that it is obligatory to perform Sept. 12: clean house, preferably at noon, Blessed smoke sacred herbs.
September 18 financially successful day. Known to you make sure to cash practice.

13, 14, 16, 17 Septemberthe most auspicious days for Lazareva magic by which you speed up execution of their desires.

12 September 13 — the kingdom of brass;
14, 15, 16 (noon) September — the realm of tin;
16 (afternoon), 17, on September 18 — the kingdom of bronze.

19 September — 25 September
Week opens crucial time, which will last until October 12.
September 20th magic day, he remembers the events and fixes them in the line of our lives. Be careful in your activities, because even the slightest failure be fixed at a sufficiently long period.
In karmic fateful days 19, 20, September 21, increase the energy lessons and solutions, so do the right thing with the greatest benefit for themselves and with minimal losses.

September 25— The autumnal equinox and on this day, at dawn and UD-PERERUG Semargl leave us and begins to conduct a full Makos and its designated sector alone time.
That is the time when we have to follow a code of Makos, if we want to improve their lives.

Makos down to earth people their covenants:
1. Not much sleep.
2. Long did not lie.
3. Getting up early.
4. Sit late.

Otherwise good to be seen, it is — Slavic sins. What will happen for these sins?

And thisMakos also prescribed a code of us.
— Nice not to be.
— Good life will be.
— Intimate sweetness forget.
— Beauty of the outer will not.

Awhat is it all lead?
— The failure of a serious condition and the body.
— Loneliness is great, as in the soul, and all around you.
— Reviving envy.
— Worm evil will istachivat your roots.

And the roots — this is a family, and the force that makes the future of everything.

If all of these codes do not comply, then you increase the flow of evil and multiply sins. And then again Makos paints on events:
— In life and in the house of a man is not the owner.
— Children will refuse it.
— The wife and husband separate.
— Community and banish refuses, and he will be an outcast.
— Speech to become vicious and arrogant.
— Will he possessed in his malice.
— His thoughts become dark, and the patron angel turns away from him.
— The heart is the emptiness and confusion, and there will be no desire other than carnal.
— Satan in his heart jack recoil.
— Adversity and misfortune of the blue fly, that is, the mental field of the person, full of rage, will direct the whole living space around it.
— Inherit lazy cruel torment of the Eternal, the lazy gods are baked, and deliver us from the great sloth
Thus ends the global code of Makos. Those who have already been hit by at least one of the points of the code of fate, try to quickly change their attitude to life and to the world at large.

19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25September the most auspicious days for Lazareva magic by which you speed up execution of their desires.

19, 20, 21 September — the realm of silver;
22 September 23 — the kingdom of gold;
24, 25 — emerald kingdom.

26 September — 30 September
The energy of this period is similar to the previous week. Just add a lot of Makos, expressing the judgment of God, a great work on yourself. Do not postpone it for "later". The following year, two days Makos ask more and more demanding.

26, 27, 28September program days when everything that happens to you, will be repeated, so be careful, active, positive productive. During this period, we consciously or unconsciously programmable his fate. It should be noted that in these days may be fights, both financial and psychological, emotional, social, try to be very careful not to get involved in serious conflicts.
29, September 30 and October 1— Days of practice attraction, effects of magnetism, charm. Time:
September 29 19:24 — 07:29, September 30 19:09 — 19:57, October 1 13:18 — 19:06.

27, 28September the most auspicious days for Lazareva magic by which you speed up execution of their desires. September 30 the next peak of solar activity, hence the additional forces to implement their plans and achieve their goals.

26 (afternoon), 27, 28, September — the realm of diamond;
29, 30 — the kingdom of emerald;


1. The practice of attraction (love, money, etc.)
As a result, after the practice actively earn your personal magnetism. Practice relates to the sacred magic with fire and performed in the costume of Eve.
As the fires in the apartment, we can not ignite, then we use economic candles burning with a large flame.
What is the action itself?
To do this, at the specified time on the floor, we arrange candles large equilateral triangle.
Stripped naked and naterevshis fragrant herbs or oils based on them, are becoming the center of the triangle and begin to circle to the left (counter-clockwise) on the left heel, starting with the right foot. Movement should gradually accelerate.
Since spinning, she sang a plot created for themselves. Conspiracy which we say out loud to sound more and more rapidly.
Driving around for as long as spontaneously fall to the floor. The more seriously you will come to the point, the faster and stronger will affect magic.
Otlezhites, stand up, extinguish the candle. The ritual is performed for three consecutive days with the same candles or new fires in the same place, if you do the magic in nature.
You can make your own plot, and you can use an ancient conspiracy to engage bride and groom.
In no case can not specifically spell on someone, even if that person is free. because it will be a treat to the category of black magic.

a) A variation of this practice is the practice of "new moon", which is different from previous ones in that time of her right after sunset to sunset and the moon, and appealing directly to the new moon: "A month, Mladen month, month young, month gold … '

For example, the old plot to attract suitors:
"A month, Mladen month, month young, month gold …"
As I have a buzz about you,
So even if the groom (or "So even if my husband" for the family)
Twine around me,
And swaddle me tightly, tightly. "

2. Zorev MAGIC
On dawn began to speak of their urgent cases, the desire and power of their health, for which wide-eyed look at the rising sun to the point when the sun starts to blind — that is, before the first tears.
What does spell? You can use the security oberegovye prayers, ancient prayer for of helps in business and in health, ancient conspiracies in order to have everything in life is going well and all was well, or just say the plans, or seeks health for their relatives. This is a very serious act in those magical days.
The sun rises in this period of about 15 minutes, the red disk of the sun lights up very slowly, and all the time you need to slander, slander, slander their plans and dreams.
And since those magical days and unforgettable event, which then necessarily be repeated, using the energy of these days in love, career and financial goals.
Since the winter, you can practice at home, looking at the open window, reinforce this magic, and hence the opportunities, voskurivaniem "Surya" or "archaea", or mixtures thereof, and if health is sought, then burn the "lead-sensibly"

Glow magic Lada rozhanits.
This is one of the strongest glow magic.
Conspiracies carried on dawn, but not on the "white light", not the "red dawn", and at the crack of dawn, when the sun is blazing and kicks away a tear.
At this point you have to look as little as possible, blinking in the sun, and without moving his lips (like you did as a child), to pronounce the guttural sound that you need in this day, from what situation you are looking for any profits from any situation What positive qualities you desire. Lips with slightly open, tongue movement is possible. Words — the maximum articulation

3. Ritual combining human mental energy with the energy of money.
It is reasonable to nourish your mental (mental) energy field of money. To do this in the morning, as soon as you wake up, even without washing, take four five-ruble coin, warm them over any candle. But they should not heat up hot state, but only to warming. On these coins to tell a conspiracy:"Gold, gold — to be rich I (th)."
After that you need to make the coin to his forehead, where our ancestors were Russian birch bandage, and the princes — the crown.
If you have correctly performed the ritual. coin, as it were glued to his forehead. Stay with these coins on the forehead before they will disappear.
Among the merchants of rites and rituals, this method has been known as combining mental human energy with the energy of money. This is a peculiar kind of enriching our mental field of energy money.

After applying this method day you must become successful. In general, this method can be used every time you have planned an active business day.

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