Solarium— A special setting, which is a tripod attached to it lamps. Tanning is divided intofacial andFull Body, which are of several types: single-sided, double-sided and vertical. The main feature of the device is the different number of lamps (from 24 to unilaterally sunroom and more). Facial tanning, as a rule, are designed for home use.

The apparatus also includes a lamp cooling system, allowing to minimize time between sessions, shestidesyatiminutny electronic timer with automatic shut-off device, protective acrylic glass in the upper and lower parts of the solarium and quiet fans, a pleasant temperature.

Using solarium for tanning dosing allows the intensity and duration of ultraviolet radiation in accordance with the type of skin. Carefully balanced combination of long (A) and short ultraviolet rays, almost completely eliminates the possibility of the burn, if no malfunction, and you stick to the recommended time tanning. Immediately prior to the procedure, the staff selected cosmetic salon will offer you a pass Test tan (To determine the degree of sensitivity of your skin to the action of ultraviolet rays).


  • Before a session recommended to take a shower to remove from the skin remaining amount of money to care for it (some of the substances contained in cosmetics, can reduce the effect of the Sun).
  • Do not use the classical Sun (the Sun). This is not necessary, since the amount of ultraviolet radiation and time of exposure of the skin is strictly metered.
  • The eye and the eyelid skin should be protected with special glasses that are readily available in good studios.
  • Tanning time shall not exceed fifty hours per year (about an hour a week);
  • on average, to obtain a stable shade to visit solarium four to six times, and then sunbathing once or twice a week to maintain the resulting color.
  • In addiction to the occurrence of allergic reactions of the skin, procedures should be carried out carefully, since a very short time the session and to observe the reaction of the skin.
  • After the session, it is best to lubricate the skin poslesolnechnymi drugs (special mask or lotion, which has a cooling effect);
  • Do not combine beauty treatments (skin cleansing, exfoliation) with a tan: this is a very large burden on the skin.
  • In the same day sunbathing on the beach and in a solarium is not recommended.

From indoor tanning should temporarily give up if you have to take a long time, drugs that increase sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation (tetracycline antibiotics, sulfonamides and some other substances), and if in the last six months you have had a sunburn.

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