Something is hiding behind the sun. Scientific justification

October 31, 2012 17:40

Hiding something behind the sun.  BACKGROUND

A few days ago Canadian astronomers announced that it opened an unusual object in the vicinity of the Earth. This presumably asteroid class "Trojan" that hangs around our planet at a very strange path presumably the last 10 thousand years.

Its orbit is built in points delicate balance between the gravitational field of the Earth and the Sun. Hitherto it was known that there are asteroids podbnye Neptune, Jupiter and Mars, but here is the Earth has something like that. "The movement of the asteroid can be compared with the dancer, who danced around the Earth, as she whirls around the Sun" — says Paul Wigert, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Western Ontario and the author of scientific papers on this subject, published this Wednesday in the journal "Nature." "His angle relative to the Earth is constantly changing from 60 to 90 degrees, as well as the distance — from 49.7millionov miles to 12 million miles." While not even make any assumptions about its structure and the surface, but the size is a few hundred feet in diameter on the larger side. "

Him very difficult to observe because He almost always is on the side of the Sun, only occasionally "creeping" into the early night. (And what, well camouflaged guys add on itself). There are indications that there are other similar objects smaller size. First asteroid TK7 (as it marked the scientists), flashed through the lens of the orbital infrared telescope Survey Explorer (WISE) in October 2010.
Mike Brown — astronomer and researcher at the California Institute of Technology, said that while it is impossible to understand where it comes from and what it represents. "The only thing we're sure that's what it's there. Maybe he appeared on the stage of formation of the moon, and maybe it's a splinter of a blast. Danger to the Earth, it is not, but we should know that the earth next to the "live" these objects. " In the second minute video modeled orbit "asteroid."

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