South Caucasus: Our homeland to take the bull by the horns?

If we consider the global concept of the modern world, we can come to a disastrous conclusion. New sovereign countries over the past few decades have produced more than enough, but the excessive fertility can not benefited the strengthening of good neighborly relations and partnerships. Mutual claims sometimes turn into an essential principle of the existence of freshly baked subjects of international law to each other. Under such a description fits the situation immediately in several Eurasian regions: the Balkans, the South Caucasus, Taiwan peninsula, on the border, which cuts the Korean Peninsula. And if the Balkans, and even more so Taiwan, look quite distant regions, here South Caucasus near the Russian Federation and in the literal and figurative sense.

Replaced by generations of politicians, the principles of international cooperation, currency, economic value, the narrative, but the virus is mutual distrust and a desire for "mischief" was and remains forever at the southern borders of the Russian Federation. Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia, it would seem, had long been aware that the mere geographic location of these countries have already should lead to greater integration. But, after all that's bad luck, favorites Caucasus states is constantly something to prevent embedded: that the manifestation of religious self-identity, the personal attitude to the Russian Federation, the desire or reluctance to join NATO, the need to stir up a common history, taking out only the dirty clothes, and left out of the equation , positive existence within the borders of one country. Besides outlined "causes" of the presence of constant friction between the designated 3-states with nedavneshnih has appeared and at least two new "cause", referred to as South Ossetia and Abkhazia. These countries can be called Misha Saakashvili unwanted babies, born from casual relationships with third countries. The world saw live, in what outcome can result the same casual sex puppet politicians.

Now remains unresolved Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh. The unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic still remains unrecognized, but the tendency to fragmentation can fully incarnate and that's Cloquet Caucasian rocky ground. To realize it, and do not need much. Pretty, so at least some of the municipal favorite (Sargsyan, Aliyev either) there was such a reckless idea, what with the help of overseas partners in 2008 came up with Saakashvili. And if the current situation is not inclined favorite Armenia to decide the steps that could undermine South Caucasus again, here's the Azerbaijani authorities with all due respect to their personal perception of the situation and a balanced approach to interactions with Yerevan can completely succumb to "persuasion" of the United States.

Situation now looks pretty quiet in terms of a real military confrontation, perhaps only as facilitators of global democratization, the United States, have opted to loaf on follow-up after the "victorious" march of Georgian troops to their first appearance in front of Russian armored vehicles and Russian "dryers" in the skies of South Ossetia.

Apparently, the Stars and Stripes after the "heroism" of the Georgian soldier to put it mildly, not entirely trust the armed forces of South Caucasus. This is also confirmed by the fact that with all the smallest hunting are discussions taking Tbilisi under the warm wing of the Alliance. Certainly, every self-respecting American officials, hunting near by at the Russian Federation to arrange another stir, but the first pancake in this matter was a success, and the desire to several poisterlas.

With all this and she situation in the South Caucasus, it seems, went to Washington in the second or even third plan. After all, needs to be addressed more trivial prepyadstviya: try "with dignity" get-away from Afghanistan, the pressure in the criteria of the Russian Federation and China to resolve "the Syrian problem," quite understand what to do with Iran, even with all this build up its missile defense system in Europe. And all these acts against the background of Barack Obama on the reduction of the military budget for the salvation of the American economy and lowering the national debt. There is already far not every congressman or representative of the U.S. administration will remember where certain Azerbaijan, and even more so Nagorno-Karabakh.

Remains "still jiggle" Southern Caucasus economically, trying to undermine Russia. To do this, use an old trick with the construction of "Nabucco", which should lower Tipo Europe's dependence on supplies of the "hostile" Russian gas. But even economic "wiggle" is also something goes wrong. Even went so far as to Georgia dared "to let" Russia in the WTO. With all of this that decision, of course, was not taken too far in Tbilisi. Only later it is trumpeted Biting his lips Saakashvili granted. Apparently, the ambitions of the United States vzroschennogo favorite Georgian civilization, were in this situation, distant from the financial interests of those involved in the ideological "education" of the man. Oh, that's really, excuse the expression, "Salvage overcomes evil."

Because Caucasian prepyadstviya now without the support of the head of a sower of these problems look quite mundane and normal. The French, who also would not mind a bite of cake Caucasian, while too busy with themselves. Sarkozy has to part with his presidency was already late because there is no place for "Nabucco" and not to South Ossetia and Karabakh. The main thing here — straw for podstelit more Myagenko landing on the "zero level".

Perhaps, in such a situation it is time to cut one Moscow to prove once and for all that the South Caucasus can and should be with Russia. Now one of the rare ability to do without saber weapon. Need to take advantage of the moment while on the Caucasus again did not remember others.

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