South Korea exports submarines

After eight years of negotiations and constant lack of funds, Indonesia finally agreed to purchase three South Korean Submarines class Chang Bogo. It is an improved version of the German Type 209 submarines built in South Korea under license. Underwater boat Chang Bogo has a displacement of 1,200 tons, 55.9 meters in length, the highest rate in the submerged 39 kilometers per hour, and the highest rate in the surface 20 miles per hour. Radius acts boat is 20900 km at a speed of 7.4 kilometers per hour, the autonomy of 50 days, and the highest degree of automation allows you to control the boat crew consisting of only 31 navigator. Armament consists of 14 torpedoes and eight 533 millimeter (21 inch) torpedo tubes.

In Indonesia for almost a decade trying to expand the capacity of its own submarine fleet and replace thirty-two German submarines. These plans are not given to be fulfilled due to otsutviya appropriate money. New Submarines cost more than half a billion dollars, even though our home offering their new Kilo for a small cost. But Indonesia has had a bad experience with a Russian submarine in the 1960's. Acquired from Germany in the 1980s, two Submarines Type U209 proved to be reliable and efficient. By the time the true these boats are very outdated. Since Indonesia has entered into an agreement to restore the 2-own submarine with South Korea, which also operates the German Submarines. Repair of the first boat took two years. In addition to the replacement of worn-out equipment and to identify sheltered damage, it has been a huge amount of new navigation systems and weapons systems. So makarom two German boats will be operated according to the latest least another 10 years. Repair of the second type 209 completed in the 2011th year. By the time the Navy finally got funds for new Submarines.

South Korea is seeking to expand their own business at the expense of more being built at South Korean shipyards warships and submarines. Making repairs Indonesian submarine on profitable value, South Korea has become a leading contender for the supply of new boats in Indonesia.

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