South Korean UAV «Devil Killer» c entered service in 2015

South Korean experts at the company «Korea Aerospace Industries», together with representatives of the Institute «KONKUK» announced the construction and successful testing layout UAV Devil Killer — UAV for precise destruction of the North Korean missile bases and artillery battery in the case of open anger and to conduct reconnaissance.

For the South Korean Armed Forces UAV «Devil Killer »is a new type of weapon. After a series of tests and improvements in 2016 will embark on strike drones armament. Drones, having on board about 3 kg, did not return to the base — the liquidation purpose of the dive will take place UAV «Devil Killer »to target the type of" kamikaze ".

Another purpose drones could be destruction of small combat boats, including hovercraft. UAV is able to catch up and strike a blow at the object was moving at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour (including ground equipment).

Creation UAV «Devil Killer» and its purpose is not the case — the northerners are already building a similar UAV on the basis of their fallen into the hands of the South American «MQM-107D Streaker». It is also clear about the development of the northerners databases based surface ships, whose main task will be landing troops on the disputed islands. Existing differences between North and South Korea (especially conspicuous in relation to supplies of certain islands) is urging the South Korean military to find ways to increase the combat effectiveness of the aircraft. New drums drones will take their place between artillery systems and cruise missiles. If the use of artillery systems "cheap" is in their own junk — low accuracy of defeat. With the CD in front of all — the defeat of the highest accuracy, but the likely use — a precious thing. Drones «Devil Killer» with the highest accuracy will be relatively cheap — around 90 thousand dollars.

Unmanned camera equip sverhtehnologichny navigation system and high explosive charge. Destination search will be carried out automatically. Transportation UAV is facilitated by a folding wing.
Artpozitsiyu he can kill the enemy at a distance of 15 km in 4 minute. A settlement on the target, located at a distance of 40 km, it is useful for about 20 minutes.

It should be noted that the creation of the UAV did not work without the United States, as is the cooperation between them. Fully maybe UAV will charge the batteries for the wireless transmission of laser energy. Approximate price — about 90 million dollars. Although the South Korean military said on successful launches of prototypes for armament they did not arrive until 2015.

The main features:
— fighting weight — 25 pounds;
— wingspan — 3 meters;
— wing length — 1.3 meters
— Length — 1.5 meters;
— top speed of 400 km / h;
— range of actions up to 40 km.

Sources disk imaging: 26post% 3D-27278394_253

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