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For this book, hunt treasure seekers, members of the esoteric sects and secret mystic societies. For more than a thousand years its wooden store page treasured knowledge about the world. Dark message of the pagan gods. He who reads them, can control the universe. Veles book — a collection of magical texts of ancient Slavs. All this time, she traveled across countries and continents, but so far no one has been able to decipher it contains spells. Maybe it's for the best, ancient spell is so powerful that they can, by accident or intentionally destroys the world …

Long before the arrival in Russia of Cyril and Methodius, the ancient runes written, or so-called "velesovitse." This name is an ancient alphabet was already in the XX century, the name of the god Veles. It is these ancient Russian letters was written by the famous Veles book, the original of which was captured during the Second World War, taken to Germany, where he passed into oblivion. Novgorod magicians at the end of the IX century rewrote the book from more ancient sources. We know that for folio, telling about the history of the Slavs from the separation of Indo-European peoples, that is, for three and a half thousand years in depth, as the Nazis hunted for this shrine. This is not surprising because the Veselov book argues that it is the ancient Russians, descendants of the ancient people of the Aryans. Rune did not write on the line, as it is now, and below the line. Including on the basis of this fact, historians have viewed the common roots of the ancient Slavs and Indian tribes.

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Year: 2011
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