Spin the like eel in a frying pan — and climbed into the mouth of the Russian snake


In the July-mail "Freedom" many reports of those of our listeners and authors who are trying to understand the changes taking place in recent years in the Belarusian society, to provide their own answers to complex questions of reality.

Few remember that in 2010 the authorities in Belarus its time declared the "year of quality." And here is our old friend Nicholas Busel village of Dubrova Svetlahorsk area, with whose leaf will start today's conversation — a curious person, witty and attentive: an initiative of the authorities had not forgotten and is closely monitoring how it is performed. Half of this so-called "year as" already passed — what is the result? Mr. Nicholas expresses own ironic view on this. In his letter to the "freedom", he writes:

"The form of statement of the plan and the slogan exposes the intellectual poverty of the regime: the idea is nekrafilsku exhumed from the late Brezhnev era — is there have been" apradyalyayushchy year "," year rashayushchy "," seal of quality "and the other shaman spells.

Second, the problem is posed as imprecise and vague, so to speak, methodically flawed. Each thing has its own quality. So what to emphasize? The quality of manure? The quality of the eggs from the chickens? The quality of the winter stabling population?

As for me, I entot nekrafilski slogan primarily associate with the quality of presidential power, which finally should result in the highest quality summer grazing period of the population and, of course, the next quality winter housing season.

But is it an example of the power requirement for yourself?

…Graduates passed the tests poorly. This is understandable: the Reformation … The whole year was stolen in children nedavuchyli.

The president's message was even disastrous — to "count" on the old grading system. But we have a lot of blind people: have not noticed …

The president flies around trying to somehow get hold of the money pulled out of the house acquired by the people of the good and sells like a drug addict or alcoholic, for a pittance. Skates loan at neighbors how drunk at monopoly. It seems, and sixteen years old trains, but kalhoznaya habit of skating and command all — inescapable "- wrote in his letter to the" Freedom "Nicholas Busel. — The opposition was drowned in a glass of water. Which quality here?

Elections to local councils? It's like watching. As the bell tower of power, quality. How about sober mind — that they like and do not have …

It seems only functionary of education understood what was expected of them, and enthusiastically clutching his throat accidents Teacher: Let's quality! Here it can be mentioned greenhorns with university diplomas that are not able to solve problems on arytmetytsy, graduates of vocational schools, colleges that teach children foreign languages, on the orders not to recruit a job in education standouts because they know a lot and are inconvenient to use.

About the price. I do not know what to call them. As for the sellers, then maybe they are great. And as for the buyers, that — shit.

And now, having described how eel in a frying pan, the frog crawled into the mouth of our President of the Russian snake. The quality of the signed documents as a sound. So what to talk about?

No, not concrete and is shahraysku put this problem to the people. Apparently, we are waiting for the winter stall tion period ".

I have read, Mr. Nicholas, this is your letter and remembered the old Soviet-era propaganda slogans. For example, a "five-year plan of efficiency and quality — work guarantee" or "Food Program — work nationwide" … People then accurately determined: the so called authorities five years — hence, the efficiency and quality — the situation is bad, cried mode to Food program — expect that in the dairy and meat sections of grocery queue will grow even more. What is remarkable: the communists drove the helm of the powerful, abolished the state monopoly on foreign trade, enterprising people gave at least a minimum of economic freedom — and without any food programs in the shops there and sausages, meat and oil. A queue — the main symbol of the communist era — themselves vanished.

Why are so many people in Belarus who are dependent on alcohol? It is believed that drinking where the poor live, where people may not realize. Our listener Nicholas Knight of Belaaziorsk Berezovsky District — Own opinion on the matter. In his letter to the "freedom", he writes:

"Drink in Belarus because the poor live, and because there was lyumpenizatsyya peasantry. Bolsheviks robbed a peasant took his land, property, implements, forced to work on the farm for the so-called" work days. "People are deprived of original way of life, responsibility for their land, undermined the moral principles that prevailed in the village.

Soviet atheistic mood contributed to the birth of other traditions. Any small Bolshevik party — must buster, received a salary — you need to "soak" …

My father told me: with Poland for the fact that tobacco is planted in the garden, could plant a month in jail or fined a large sum — 150 PLN (it was the cost of a cow). Prisons feared like the plague. It's a huge loss to the peasant: Who will rule the economy, if you're in jail? When the Soviets have said in another way: "Prison — sweet home."

Our village was hutarnaya: about 180 homes. There were two drunks. We, young people, parents showed them as the greatest negative example, which is to be feared like the plague.

But then everything changed. In my class at night school, where I was a classroom teacher, she has moved out of the school day. To it began to look a guy who worked in a factory and used to come to school "under the weather". Once I was talking to her about it. The girl on my warnings replied: "Now everyone drinks." Of her life observations indicated that this is not a vice and infamy.

Soviet propaganda introduced in the ears of the people, the party and the government take care of them. This gave rise to dependency and irresponsibility of their destiny. Is it because our people are so easy to believe the promises of the head when going to vote for?

And I think, if in Belarus since blossomed drunkenness — so someone needs. The Boards of 1 kilogram of meat cost as much as a bottle of vodka. Now, the meat is at least four times more expensive. Here's what you need to think about. They say that when two centuries ago in the Russian Empress Catherine the foreigners asked why Russia is so much drinking, she replied that drunk people are easier to manage ".

Indeed, Belarus becomes an inveterate drunkard. That level of production and consumption of alcohol, which is so frightened in the "Drinking-stagnation" Brezhnev era, which was the subject of derision, and was considered the greatest example of irresponsibility of the authorities — in today's Belarus has long been exceeded. Vodka has become much more accessible and affordable than it was in Byelorussia. The threat of alcoholism if anyone says, unless doctors. Officials usually respond to general declarations and promises. It is believed that the so-called "drunken" RR — a large and important part of the state budget. Not their — for all the money to fund social programs, to build the same ice rinks that are so fond of power? While the logic here is questionable: it turns out to twenty teenagers were hockey players, and several thousand of their peers to "plant" a beer and a tangle-legs addressed as "Kryzhachok"?

At the end — a few short emails those students who speak
about the role of Radio Liberty in their life, reflect about heard on our TV. Writes Tamara Umreyka from Minsk:

"I'm 62. Nearly half of my life listening to Radio Liberty. Sometime in the early 80s it was for me in this little window into decent human world has awakened interest in Belarusian history and culture. Indeed, even though I had a liberal education, his head was packed with various Soviet-Russian myths. Now getting information much easier: there are independent publications, Internet, Belsat. But "Freedom" remains for me in the first place ".

Author of the following letter — Helen Naporko from the village Branosava Korelichi District — Too many things in life connects with Radio Liberty. Listener writes:

"Getting to the" Freedom "I started in the already distant 95th, during the hunger strike and the subsequent beating of deputies from the BNF. Though at that time went independent newspapers (" Freedom "," Name ", REM," Andrew Newspaper Klimov, "and others), but every night we were looking for a wave of" Freedom "to hear the beautiful call sign — melody of the song" I love my edge, "learn the true news, hear comments smart people, the views of experienced professionals.

Now I'm in the village, but always live in Minsk and help, what can I do, in fact, that in our country there have been changes for the better ".

Over the decades, our students are accustomed to tune in to a wave of "Freedom" primarily by shortwave receivers. But now it is the other technical era. Increasingly, we get the following types of information:

"I listen to" Freedom "via satellite at home, and after 21 hours — says Ilya Petrushenka us from Minsk. — I only wish that the satellite receiver — is not mobile, for the apartment is not a drag off. A include, as some include a music and thereby prevent the neighbors, I do not want to. (Although some of them it would be nice to hear a bit of the truth about the country in which they live). Sometimes that happens it's time to listen and work through the internet (our administrators blocked all the popular sites for downloading non-working things, but, unfortunately or fortunately, "Freedom" in some circles, not so well known to block it) … Less listening on medium wave in the car when I go out of town or on the Minsk ring road. During the last lot pillars of high voltage, so it is often impossible to listen to because of the cod. A pleasant to listen to you ".

Over the past few months in our air often sounded name Vasil Bykov, his voice. On the great writer, the memory of which Belarus is still a worthy way perpetuated, expressed in his letters and our students. In particular, Nikolay Bogdanov from Minsk writes:

"There was no other writer in the world, so that would seem like a scary face of war through the eyes of ordinary people involved in this mouth against his will. In my opinion, no Remarque or Hemingway could not do it better than our great countryman. My childhood memories of the war alive every time I read Bykov. His recent works — "The Wall" and especially "yellow sand" — is a mini-masterpiece that can not be read without tears. This is a great truth about this damn Soviet past ".

Thank you, dear Nikolai, to you and to all who took the time to write on "Freedom." Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, mailbox one hundred and eleventh

The "PO Box 111" is aired every Wednesday.

The author can write to the address zdankov_rs@tut.by.



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