Started the implementation of the national project Open World

January 11 in Ukraine launched a National Project "Open World". At the initial stage, it is the testing of multimedia lessons in the school curriculum II quarter of 7th grade. The project includes 704 schools from 23 regions, including 12 schools in the Sumy region.

Sumy region is represented in the project schools g.Gluhov, Glukhovski district (p. Banič) Konotopsky and Konotop district (s Great Sambor, p. Dubovyazovka), town of Linden Valley, Akhtyrsky district (p. Chernetchina. S. Bugrovatoe), Mr. . Shostka and g.Putivl.

The project will involve more than 5.5 thousand teachers and 14,000 students from all over Ukraine.

The name — "Open World" — the creation of information and communication (4G) network of the national educational level. " His goal — to ensure access for all participants in the educational process to multimedia databases, each child equal access to high-quality and modern education.

The project will last for 4 years, it will provide students grades 5-9 (1.5 million children) access to the latest technology. The project is implemented by the State Agency for Investment and National Projects. The volume of financing — 5 billion hryvnia.


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