State tests of the new AK-12 will be held in June 2013

State tests of the new AK-12 will be held in June 2013
Urban testing a new combined-arms of the AK-12 is planned to initiate in June 2013.

«In the interest of the Russian Defense Ministry» Izhmash «works on modernization of standard AK-74 and AK-100 series, and still developing military machine on the platform of the AK-12, municipal trial which is scheduled for June 2013,» — said the company’s Chief Designer Vladimir Zlobin.
New Kalashnikov rifle

For AK-12 ammunition formed a new caliber. In September 2013 the «Izhmash» conceives introduce 3 new cartridge — one pistol and two automatic — the creation of which will be on ammunition factories within the group «Kalashnikov».

«Izhmash» still leads the study of the AK-12SN with a modular system for the Interior Ministry. Preliminary tests of this weapon is scheduled to begin in 2014.

General Designer of Vladimir Zlobin

Work on the creation of an AK-12 started in August 2011, and in December, was made the first part of the standard tools. In AK-12 has implemented a number of new engineering and scientific-technical solutions that have allowed to build up military strength and effectiveness of shooting all kinds of fire.

In a brand new machine significantly improved ergonomics in Picatinny rail included — special fastening devices for installing additional equipment: optical, collimator and night sights, rangefinders, target designators and other body kit that will allow excellent instrument to use at any time of a day or and night.

More automatic acquired folding telescopic butt, adjustable trim and butt plate. In case of success municipal testing, automatic would be adopted by the Russian army and put into mass production.

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