Stop a moment

The most mysterious and unknown in the world is time. Why for someone to stop it, but for someone flies fleeting? Why do people sometimes get lost in time? Solid questions that few sensible answers. Maybe the impression that it lives on its own, some of his unidentified humanity lives.

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Man can not exist outside of time. And time will never tolerate a vacuum. Since the deeds and actions are directly dependent on the person, time is also dependent on how it was divided into years, months and weeks. In addition, time sensitive soul has learned to measure happiness and good fortune. Mystical knowledge of the time and the fate of its management and success of mankind, or the individual has become firmly established in the tradition of the countries, peoples and religions.

People have long noticed that the stars in the sky move in a certain way, and with it, the weather changes, the behavior of plants and animals, the duration of the day and night. As well, they decided to be changing and people's lives. Gradually, people believe that a person's character is determined by the time of the year, and the stars in the sky, months and days of the week. Someone born under a bright red star battles and victories, someone under the small white and cold star of politicians and scientists. The lucky ones are born in the Good Friday and losers and crooks in Odd Monday.

As seen from above, magic, astrology and other "gifts" of nature and society focus not only on what to bring to the prosperity of a man ready to change, to the attainment of happiness. They are also able to multiply the anger, vices, debauchery, that at one time led to the death of almost all of the ancient world.

Since ancient times, in fairy tales and songs, epics and legends, we are sure to encounter the magic of days and numbers. At one time, or rather, when people did not know how to manage time and magic go hand in hand. But human curiosity is boundless. Having made a great invention "Clock and Calendar", thus tamed time and forcing him to work for the benefit of lyudstva, leaving behind the magic and neopoznannost, but with a piece of ancient times still remained in the human mind. Time — is the eternal uncertainty ahead.

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