Strangers waited formidable «Iskander»

Strangers waited formidable
Engineering Design Bureau (KBM) is ready to export tactical missile complexes (PTRC) «Iskander»

In the world of weapons came an event that can meaningfully reshape the balance of power between the warring nations of the world. Behind him is a change in power is comparable to that received fighter with berdankoy taking «Kalashnikov».

As told ARMS-TASS CEO of MSC (Engineering Design Bureau, Kolomna) Valery Kashin, defense company is ready to begin supplying an outsider (foreign) consumer tactical missile complexes (PTRC) «Iskander».

This message resounded like thunder in the midst of the blue, as in the plans for 2014 no contracting activity about this property has been expressed. Zabugornye interested buyers was bezotstupno advised not to make inquiries about the sale of «Iskander» earlier in 2015.

As commented Kashin, in past years, when the amount of the state defense order (SDO) was small, the company was forced to conduct active promotional act. It got to the point that through of «Rosoboronexport» has been prepared by a single contract for the supply of operational-tactical missile system (PTRC) «Iskander» foreign state. The deal fell through for political reasons. In the upcoming promotion of «Iskander» export was suspended due to the current production situation.

«We are finished promotion of» Iskander «on the international market, having a long contract from the Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation for the supply of PTRC Russian army under defense contracts, since its implementation, we needed to increment volumes 4-5 times,» — said General Director defense enterprise.

The situation has changed faster than previously implied. MSC has reached a desired level of the state defense order for execution of production. The company together with Rosoboronexport renewed efforts to promote export complex. As diplomatically said Valery Kashin, notice is already there.

Recall, November 14, 2013, in the Astrakhan region accomplished military gear kit Brigadier missile complex «Iskander-M» Actions held at Kapustin Yar. As explained in the press service of the Defense Ministry, Brigadier set got personnel missile brigade of the Southern Military Area. Missilemen preparing to take new weapons two months. It has global counterparts because requires special skill in the appeal, which taught military combat training center in implementing the Strategic Missile Forces and Artillery Ground Forces in the Astrakhan region.

A month later the 49th Army combined arms of the Southern Military Area, which is located in the Stavropol and Krasnodar regions, received tactical missile complex «Iskander-M». In late June of this year, Russian Defense Minister, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu said that in three years all missile brigades of the Ground Forces will have their own missile complex «Iskander-M».

Shoigu stressed that the management of the country is doing everything possible to equip the Russian Armed Forces military equipment and weapons that meet modern requirements. «Iskander-M» is a good prototype, because it has no analogues in the world for its tactical and technical features.

As already reported, December 19, during a big press conference in the capital of the international trade of Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russian «Iskander» — is not the only answer to the South American missile defense system in Europe Earlier German media started to peel the «alarm» on the deployment of Russian missiles «Iskander» in the Kaliningrad region, causing diversified reaction of many states.

But Vladimir Putin said that «Iskander» — is not the answer to the Russian deployment of U.S. missile defense system, which our country is as dangerous. The location of these complexes — only one response options. «Iskander» — this is just one method of response, but far not the most effective, although in their sector is most effective weapon in the world «- said the president. In addition, «Iskander» not threaten world peace, as deployed in Europe South American nuclear weapon, which, in fact, no one is in control.

But the president of the Russian Federation said that the decision to place the mentioned complexes in the Kaliningrad region has been made. «Let them calm down,» — Vladimir Putin recommended.

Dmitry Korban

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