Stress and the City: how to survive?

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How to sustain the rhythm of the city: its constant rush, bustle and hassle? Today it is no surprise situation where a seemingly successful people are frustrated, throw everything and moved to the village in Thailand or Goa. But what about those who do not have to leave?Is it possible to get rid of stress without leaving the metropolis? What is stress? What is it dangerous? These and other questions are answeredMD, author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhina.

— In your opinion, how many residents of cities suffering from stress?

According to the latest data every second inhabitant metropolis is in a state of chronic stress, and one in four aged 38 to 50 years of taking antidepressants.

— Why is life in the big city is a lot of stress?

Stress affects all but the residents of big cities there is an additional and very powerful stress factor — a huge flow of information that our nervous system is simply unable to parse.

— What information do you have in mind? TV? Internet?

Not only that. The inhabitants of big cities every day falls countless visual and audio signals. Flickering streets, parties, promotional posters, a cacophony of sounds and noises. And the noise accompanies us as a transport (metro, bus, taxi), and at home. Overcrowding and poor sound insulation of apartment buildings — also a stress factor.

It seems to us that the entire flow of information — a meaningless background, but every second brain has to process it. The result of constant overload becomes chronic stress.

— What happens in the body during stress?

Let's start with the fact that stress, by its very nature — normal response to danger, worked out in the course of evolution. She has helped mankind to survive. Thanks to her, our ancestors at the right time quickly mobilized and defeated the enemy, or could get away from him.

— It turns out that stress — it's something like a "second wind"?

You could say that. When stress is released adrenal hormones — adrenaline and noradrenaline, which activates the sympathetic nervous system. As a result, toned muscles, improves blood flow to the brain and heart, increased heart rate — the body comes in alertness. Peripheral vessels constrict, thus in case of injury or injury to reduce blood loss.

Furthermore, adrenaline increases in blood glucose concentration due to its release from muscle and liver, where it is deposited in the form of glycogen. Glucose — the energy which is necessary for long-term physical burden of the fight and escape.

— Today, experiencing stress, no fights and runs away …

Yes. We no longer run after mammoths are not saved from saber-toothed tigers, do not enter into battle with the aliens from a hostile tribe, defending their line. Gone are the days when a person could "work out" the stress response of the body, given to him by the evolution and nature for survival.

— If stress is not "worked through" fight or escape, where did it go?

Under the conditions of modern life, finding no way out, the stress begins to destroy our own body. The fact that at the dawn of evolution worked to the benefit — is now working to the detriment.

Increased heart rate causes the heart muscle to wear. Our heart and so works day and night, but its resources are not infinite — at constant stress overload it is "tired."

Narrowing of the peripheral blood vessels leads to an increase in blood pressure. Constant stress can cause hypertension and its complications (heart attack, stroke, etc.).

Increasing the concentration of glucose in the blood leads to exhaustion of the pancreas and the development of diabetes.

"Unprocessed" Chronic stress leads to impaired immunity and, therefore, makes us vulnerable to infections, allergies and cancer.

— What was his "work out"? You will not after all, every stressful situation run around and get into a fight?

The easiest way to "work out" stress — a regular workout at home or in the gym. Then the adrenaline will not destroy the body and go to work the muscles. However, we must remember that some people are contraindicated because of the burden of existing chronic diseases and obesity.

Another method to deal with stress — work it with a psychologist or psychotherapist. This is a long process requiring a lot of work on myself. After all, stress factors is not going anywhere — people just learning to less responsive to them, that is struggling with its own nature.

The third method — Downshifting, that is an escape from reality. Tired of chronic stress townspeople go where no problems or overload of information, where life is calm and unhurried.

Natural question arises — how many people are resorting to these methods?

— People are much more likely to relieve stress by alcohol, seize him or start to smoke …

In fact, no chemical substances (alcohol, nicotine, sugar and fatty foods, etc.) can not get rid of stress. It is an illusion. They only temporarily relieve emotional stress, but the plunge into a new body even more severe stress, since they lead to the development of dependence: alcohol, nicotine, food.

— But it's got to be some way out!

Since stress — a reflex, the most effective way to deal with it a reflex. Based on this principle stress relief methods that we use in our clinics Origiteya ®. In particular, we use the program Antistress ®, which operates the complex and suppresses all stages of stress.

Tell us about your program.

Anti-Stress ® program includes several methods.

The basis of the program — a sustained (long-term) effects on the acupuncture points of piston-less (the "gates of heaven") and a group of points, called antihypertensive groove.

— Where are these points?

On the ear. We establish a biologically active points of a special anti-adaptive model of the needle from the kit of acupuncture technique Fly ®. Reflexogen effect enables a vast number of pulses directly (mononeyronno) to stimulate the limbic system, increasing the synthesis of pleasure hormones — endorphins. When the needle creates a special channel between points — akustrakt ("acoustic" — a needle, "path" — the path), which is several hundred times stronger impact when compared with isolated pricking the data points.

— And the stress passes? That the patient feels?

Reflexogen neutralizes the effect of physiological stress due to increasing concentrations of endorphins. Man feels himself in a light, airy, buoyant mood. Background factors that used to cause stress, it is generally not perceived as a serious problem calmly and objectively evaluate.

— It is very important for the residents of cities!

It is important for everyone! Our method allows the use of the potential that is within each of us laid nature — namely, the natural reflex mechanisms to deal with stress.

The person feels a release. And it does not have to run and fight, do not need to go anywhere, no need to spend many hours of their own time, pouring out the soul before the psychologist or sweating in the gym.

— In addition to the stimulation of points on the ear, what else is included in the program of Anti ®?

  1. Pricking corporal points (on the body) using a specially developed formula. This contributes to the overall harmonization of the body and increase resistance to stress.
  2. Ozonoakupunktura which saturates the biologically active points of oxygen and increases their activity that contributes to greater effect on relief of stress.
  3. Ozone scalp, which indirectly affects the brain neurons, and restores them.
  4. Fitoterpiya — specially designed teas Dr. Fly with a strong sedative effect to reduce the tone of the sympathetic nervous system, which is the mediator of adrenaline.

— After how many days you can feel the effect of the program Anti ®?

Sometimes it occurs just "the tip of the needle" that is, the patient feels improvement immediately, sometimes it helps one session, sometimes needs a course of 5-10 sessions — once a week.

It all depends on the depth of the stress and individual to individual.


Source: Hospital ORIGITEYA ®

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