Stress and the City

We are used to stress — the result of over-voltage, hurry, trouble and generally unfavorable environmental conditions. However, stress can be a pleasant one. But no matter what was the cause of emotional or physical exertion, adapting to new and unexpected circumstances, the body is rebuilt on extreme mode: adrenal glands emit blood adrenaline, quickens the pulse, raises blood pressure.

In this state, spent a huge amount of valuable nutrients — vitamins and minerals as well as energy. If stress is short, it is a useful shake-up: our activity increases, we become more energetic, more inventive. But if it lasts for a long time, there comes a depletion of domestic resources. Then we feel apathy, lethargy, and savvy look worse. In addition, the immune system is weakened, we become vulnerable to infections, even age faster.

A simple example: pregnancy for many — very pleasant, but still stress. If it applies one of excitement, as well as lack of nutrients, the expectant mother becomes irritable, moody, loses the ability to enjoy their condition. Fortunately, the negative effects of stress can be prevented through proper nutrition. Food as medicine

It is important to regularly replenish valuable vitamins and minerals that are actively consumed with stress.
It would seem to be easy — to revise the diet and live in peace. But in stress mode for most of us is difficult to control and more power: people often do not feel hunger or, on the contrary, it is experiencing uncontrollable seizures and "tricks" the body of harmful food. Doctors recommend smaller meals and healthy snacks: instead of fat, sweet, salty and starchy foods — fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products. But this is still not enough.

To compensate for the effects of stress and reduce fatigue in the food must be biologically active substances: potassium, magnesium, B vitamins, omega-3, as well as the amino acid tryptophan, which is involved in the synthesis of serotonin — the "feel-good hormones."

One for all

Where do we get all these nutrients at once, especially when a nervous overstrain lost appetite? Doctors have found a solution: if you can eat — drink! And created a nutritious drink "Nutridrink" — a unique component of preventive nutrition under stress.

This is a special dietary mix — high-protein, high-calorie, balanced composition and is ready for use. It has all the necessary vitamins and minerals. And most importantly — no chemicals, no artificial additives. "Nutridrink" fully meets the high requirements of clinical nutrition. It is composed of natural ingredients absorbed faster solids and even small portions of its much energy. Regularly eating "Nutridrink" between the major methods and food, you render yourself invaluable — restore the protective functions of the body, boosting the immune system and resistance to disease.

??Important components of the anti-stress food:?

Magnesium — Relaxes the muscles and improves the conduction of nerve impulses.?

Selenium — A powerful antioxidant, protector of youth and immunity.

??B vitamins — Needed to release energy, beneficial effects? On the nervous and immune systems, the metabolism. Vitamin B2 and magnesium are involved in the synthesis? serotonin, which regulates mood and helps to withstand stress.

??Polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 — support tone of blood vessels and normalize blood pressure, increase the immune status is an important structural component of cell membranes and are required for normal cells.

??Carotenoids (Beta-carotene, lycopene, etc.) — potent immunostimulants of natural origin.? Tryptophan — involved in the synthesis of serotonin, "joy hormone."

??The drink is tasty and nutritious, and it is very pleasant to drink. "Nutridrink" helps expectant mothers and others who have an increased load to deal with the unrest and enjoying every moment of life.

??Mom's chores?

During pregnancy, there are additional stress factors:

• fear of change in the appearance,
• feelings about the health of the future child,
• fear of the birth process,
• heightened response to family problems,
• social dislocation and so forth (the desire to provide comfort to the kid next life).

"Nutridrink" is sold on the Russian website "Nutricia".

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