Studies by Russian scientists: Clairvoyance does exist!

April 19, 2012 8:43

MSU experts had sensational experiments in which people saw coming events.

The experimental results overturn the usual picture of the world. After all, it means that the phenomenal abilities of Nostradamus and Vanga is not fiction. And people can actually see into the future. Besides there is scientific proof.
The fact that there is a prophetic gift, serious scientists talking back in 2010, when the prestigious "Journal of Personality and Social Psychology," after many examinations yet accepted for publication an article on … clairvoyance. It became a kind of recognition that the phenomenon should not be treated as obscurantism. And to learn.

Three percent of a miracle …

The author — a psychologist Daryl Bem of Cornell University — described his experiments that spent 8 years. And concluded: man can foresee the future, and his behavior affect events that have not yet occurred.

The study involved more than Bam thousands of volunteers. The basis he took famous experiment proving the existence of the so-called priming. The essence of the experiment is simple. The subject demonstrating eye pleasing picture. Suppose green meadow with white goats. But before it is shown on the screen, some negatively stained floor. For example, "crap." In the next series of experiments joyful paintings precede the "good" words, such as "beauty", "charm."
The reaction of the majority of volunteers is as follows: after the "bad" words, they spend much more time trying to establish a pleasant picture enjoyable. And after the "good" — correspondingly less. This is the priming — or so-called presetting recognized by psychologists.
Daryl Bem put inverse experiment. Individuals were first shown pictures. Similarly, they had to be emotionally assess. It was only after an assessment of the screen displays the word — "bad" or "good."
Some volunteers have spent more time to recognize a picture of a nice, others — less. As in the previous experiment. The miracle is this: the first — slowly — then, as a rule, fall out "bad" words. They seemed to have influenced the previous estimate. Although not need to. From the materialist point of view.
And it turned out that the events of the future ruled by what was happening in the present. Well, not a mystic?
In another experiment, volunteers were shown a sheet with a lot of words. An hour later offered to recall and write them. Of course, that comes to mind is not all. And not once. Ended the experiment because the volunteers offered to print some of the words from the first list, randomly select and display the computer. And it turns out that these are printed, the words volunteers remembered faster unpublished.
If matches were random, repeated over and over again experiments gave a result of 50 to 50. That's how much comes out, if a long time to throw a coin and see what falls — heads or tails. And the researchers were 53.1 by 46.9. In his experiments, 53.1 percent of matches (for example, a nice picture — prolonged its assessment — a "bad" word) pointed to the existence of the phenomenon of clairvoyance. Or divination. Total — 3 percent of a miracle. This is quite a lot.

Many thought Wolf Messing charlatan for what predicted the future. Now scientists defend it. Photo: RIA "Novosti"

And five …

And now the experiments of a similar nature that Bem conducted, scientists decided to MSU.
— Probably many noticed one oddity which often happens in our dreams, — explained the idea of an engineer, honored inventor of Russia, a member of the military department of the Moscow State University Eugene Rodimin. — For example, a dream that you are talking with someone. Interlocutor suddenly runs out of the room, slamming the door. You wake up to the sound of the cotton, and you find that some of the family members slammed the door.
As another example, in a dream you are driving, turn the ignition key, and … wake up at the sound of the motor. And outside the window at this time pulls garbage. And so on. And it turns out that the event is — cotton, engine noise — has not happened yet, but your brain is already written into the plot of his dreams. That is aware of it. In this phenomenon, I decided to find out, after putting volunteers to sleep.
It is known that the dreams we see during phases "of REM sleep." It lasts 10 — 20 minutes, alternating with phases of "slow wave sleep" when no dream. In moments of "REM" brain activity increases.
In the experiment, volunteers monitored with an electroencephalograph. When it was clear that the phase of "rapid eye movement" has come, wake the sleeping. When he awoke, he was immediately dictate for the record that he had dreamed.
The trick was that exactly 30 seconds after the covered person "REM sleep" through the random number generator includes a sound generator. He reproduced or cotton, or the noise of flowing water. Neither the volunteers nor the experimenter could not know in advance what kind of sound will be played.
Here are the results: 58 percent of the volunteers showed a prophetic gift. Cotton before they dreamed of war scenes with explosions, car chases and shooting, logging and crash of a falling tree, drop the book on the floor. In the case when playing the sound of water, dreaming of waterfalls, a storm at sea, rain. The impact was even higher than that of Professor Bem.
Experiment gives reason to believe that the brain is sensitive to the sleeping man somehow signals carrying information from the future — says Rodimin.
Incidentally, in the 1970s, well-known professor, astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev believed that the past, present and future — is something like a movie. We usually see the time, which is projected onto the screen. But the image of all the scenes in the film is. Perhaps, they sometimes publish.

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