Summer of Alma-Ata

The former capital Kazakhstan, sweltering with the heat of the summer, that's already the third month "heated" nightmarish summaries of police and intelligence agencies. The city and its surroundings every day waiting for new messages on explosions, shootings, arrests and the terrorist threat. Last year's violent actions all over the country and the harsh response of the authorities, it would have led to the lull of the terrorist underground, but it was seasonal lull. In the summer of 2012 in the country over spilled blood …

"Dagestanizatsiya of Kazakhstan." Atrocities and versions

Mysterious event happened June 30, 2012, when the outfit frontier "Sary-Bokter" Usharalskogo regional management unit boundary service "Shygys" (East) found in the mountains scorched building post "Arkan-Kerg", which in the summer are on duty 15 border guards. At the crash site had traces of the battle, the remains of 14 people, in addition, in a hunting lodge near the body was found huntsman.
The defendants in the case went to the only survivor of the border guard Vladislav Chelakh, who served in that post. According to the present day investigation and lawyers put forward different versions, ranging from personal revenge, ending the attack or sabotage by Islamic militants.
21 June republic once again disturbed the city of Aktobe (Aktobe), which was destroyed by a police patrol. Special Forces attacked the hideout of bandits and destroyed them. Belonging to a dead salafistkoy group "Jund al-Khilafah" no one is striking. As amazes age of Islamic radicals, the oldest of whom was 22 years old.
July 1, the duty of the police department Kamensky (a suburb of Almaty) received a report of an explosion and fire at home in a holiday village Tausamal. After removing debris fire and police found eight bodies, weapons, components for improvised explosive devices (nitrate, bearings, etc.), religious books, tools, and pieces of several sets of uniforms Kazakh police officers.
According to the main version of the investigation, the cause of fire was an involuntary disruption of a homemade bomb that killed its manufacturers. And most disturbing is the fact that the village and the house are exactly on the road leading from the airport to the tract Ushkonyr on which these days are prepared to travel of President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Awareness bandits gave ground for suspicion about their contacts with the security services and the environment of the president. And soon, it was reported that the Alliance of Kazakhstan's Muslims turned to law enforcement agencies demanding to prosecute Almaty akim Karasai Daurenbaeva for inciting social discord and pandering to religious extremism. Akim than once publicly expressed his sympathy for terrorists, was that they — the benchmark for youth.

July 30 at the Alma-Ata district "Ahsel Kent" militia and riot police blocked the NSC group of terrorists that killed over a number of days before the military police patrol detail. On offer to surrender the militants responded by shooting. After the non-long assault and sniper work gang was killed. It was led by 27-year-old Dauletbek Bayuzah, a native of Mongolia, in the near future living in the Pavlodar region. Apart from his group consisted Kaldybek Alpyshev, Eldar Zholdin Azamat Manhanov — natives of the East Kazakhstan region, Askar Utepov of Zhambyl and aidos Brimkulov of Almaty region. The authorities initially denied the information about the connection of the gang with Islamic radicals, but more popular in the media world that is based on good evidence of armed bandits, their religious composition, etc.
August 13, the city was shocked by the information that in the area of the Ili-Alatau forest near Almaty were found the bodies of 11 people and the body of a forester Panagiota Zaharopulo. The bodies of the dead were found numerous stab wounds, the corpses polusozhzhena. Something similar happened earlier in the frontier Arksan Kerg.
Given the fact that the identifying of the corpses are ethnic Slavs (Russian and Ukrainian), one of the debugging versions was the attack of Islamic radicals.
Of early afternoon on August 18 in an elite dacha "Tan" came out fighting police and special forces clash with militants CBN. As a result, nine militants were killed, one was wounded commando. The investigation has indicated a direct correlation of this group with that prepared the explosion of the presidential motorcade.

"Nourished young Kazakh Tenge"

10 years with an excessive formation and initial activities in Kazakhstan Islamists give the opportunity to give some of the characteristics of local terrorism.
First 2000s terrorism was only "imported" or even a "transit", when in the country in relative peace detained and extradited wanted radicals from China, Uzbekistan, Xinjiang and Russia.

After the destruction of the terrorist group "Jamaat Mujahideen Central Asia" experts at talking about "recruiting" version of terror, in which virtually Kazakh militants involved in terrorist activities in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. After a special operation in the Rasht valley of Tajikistan to the 1st of the dead militants Tajik security forces found a passport of a citizen of Kazakhstan Arthur Nabiyeva. Nearly two 10-ka Kazakh people were killed during anti-terrorist operations in the North Caucasus. Most recently in Makhachkala on suspicion of involvement in gangs detained citizens of Kazakhstan — Albert Abdikarimov and Rainbek Erzhanov.

Now there's "own" the terrorist underground, which is a new "Kazakh" groups like "Soldier of jihad" or "Battalion of al-Zahir Baybars," as grouping Kyrgyz and Uighur terrorists entrenched in Kazakhstan. "Own" radicals not only act intensively, and using harsh support among the population and medium-sized businesses are actively training and recruiting. Thus, the disclosure is not so long ago a group of Abdraimova had severe weapons, a lot of Islamic literature and acquired over 20 thousand dollars for a single plane flight to Afghanistan.

Kazakhstan's own Islamists in most unusually young. The private recruitment they use not only the academic methods of distribution "postnamazovskih talks" with Mullah or Imam, and the modern ways of the web. But recognizable Aktobe frame Timur Kuantan quite freely spins its latest song dedicated to the terrorists destroyed last year in the village Kenkyak, calling them heroes, united as "one faith" going on "the path of Islam, the path of the Quran." "If the truth behind you, it's better to end than to cave in under the system," — says the clubs rapper-Islamist.

Resource support Kazakh radicals can produce not only their colleagues zabugornye as Kuwaiti say "Society social reforms" (Jamiat al-Islah al-Ijtimai) active in the country to nedavneshnego time, and local businesses, supporters of "pure Islam." It's no secret that the liberal business legislation of the Republic has given businesses the opportunity to flourish. The rapid and large profits can "Interest" levied on "the construction of the Caliphate" … It's no secret that in a certain plane can cooperate with radicals and representatives of non-poor too far, "the London-Kazakh opposition" like Mukhtar Ablyazov interested in rocking the Nazarbayev regime.

Where the wind blows armed Islamic

Afghanistan remains the most wary of Kazakh special services. The intensity of the Taliban's actions, the precise relationship of Kazakh religious radicals with battle groups of Pashtuns and Tajiks are mixed with an unusual way "bursts of activity" Salafi Kazakhstan.

In the middle of the persons participating in the dissemination of thoughts of jihad, there are emissaries of the Caucasian and Crimean even graduates of madrasas. The country is working underground "Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan", "Jamaat Mujahideen Central Asia," Kyrgyz gangs "Tablighi Jamaat" and "Zhayshul Mahdi."

Over the past year in Almaty region (town and villages Almaty, Taldykorgan, Tekeli Talgar Panfilov, Karasaj) have been detained more than 300 members of the non-traditional extremist movement "Tablighi Jamaat" and "Hizb-ut-Tahrir."

Very severe attention should be paid to the structures of Uighur separatists of Xinjiang Uygur region of China, which has to "mark" in Almaty police killings (so-called "group Modan Muhlisova"). Particularly in the border regions, to which is the former capital of Kazakhstan, an act seen by the organizations "East Turkistan Islamic Movement", "East Turkistan Liberation Organization", Turkestan — "Shark Azatlyk Tashkilati" already illegal in Kazakhstan. Was also banned in the village made Chundzha Uighur district of Almaty region chauffeur Farhat Abdullayev (Farhat dada) occult group "Ayat Allah."

Forecasts and excitement

According to the views of political scientists Kazakhstan (Marat Shibutov, aidos Sarym), the country is on the verge of a large-scale terrorist war, in what will be the main targets of extremists security officials and representatives of the bureaucracy.

The main dilemmas of resistance to terrorism in Kazakhstan include:

1. The lack of relevant experience in law enforcement agencies and special forces and the lack of school resistance to extremism;

2. The close geographical location of "hot spots" — Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Xinjiang;

3. The lack of a center of extremists and extremist structures "horizontal" and with them it is very hard to beat;

4. Inflow of young people into extremist organization called the virtual absence of social elevators and sharp social differentiation of the population, cronyism and lack of prospects;

5. Neglect and formalism in the conduct of religious policy and prevention among the followers and servants of Islam;

6. The real impact of the expansion of Pan-Turkism ideology is opposed to the project of post-Soviet integration. Quite evident that the growth of Islamist activity coincides with the time of accession of Kazakhstan to the Customs alliance. Some politicians and political scientists consider the offer Islamist candidate in Kazakhstan's rise to power moderate nationalists. And as a way of "necessity", from their point of view, the dominance of the Turkic-Muslim component they offer to proceed to the slower displacement of the country's (also from Central Asia in general), Russian, and Russian Orthodox.

Against the background of the severe socio-economic problems and the issue of succession Kazakhstan has recently may wait long shocks associated with the escalation of extremism.

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