Sun — human food

Solntseedy — these are the people who are able to for many years without food and water, but, despite this, they have maintained excellent health.

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Externally it is ordinary people who do not have even a hint of dystrophy. Because of this you begin to suspect that they may secretly have something to eat? After all, almost from the time of occurrence of the person knows that if you eat nothing, you will not live long ….

We Solntseedy has another name — autotrophic, meaning human-plant. Autotrophic — an organism that synthesizes organic matter from inorganic compounds using energy from the sun. However, unlike in Solntseedy plants, lack of chlorophyll in the body, that it would help process sunlight organics. It is surprising that autotrophic not need to be a significant part of the time in the sun. Their name — contradicts this. The question arises, due to which they continue to live?

Scientists who study Solntseedy, have concluded that as a result of significant changes (transmutation) of the organism, these people have to have ability to absorb moisture from the air, and the energy of the cosmos. Food Solntseedy — prana (Sanskrit for "life", "breath"). Yoga believes that prana permeated the entire universe, but it is invisible to the eye.

How to find the esoteric, prana can feed the man whose brain is able to receive special vibrations. When scanned the brains Solntseedy, it became clear that the work of their brain is different from the brain of the common man. Besides all autotrophs found epiphysis increased.

Epiphysis or pineal gland — an organ of internal secretion, which is located approximately in the center of the head. Scientists believe that this so-called "antenna", due to which a person has psychic qualities, just that the body receives and radiates a "fine" power — the ability to "see" what is happening inside the body.

There is a theory that the existence of people — Solntseedy open a new biological species man who one day will appear on the planet. It is believed that people are "sixth race" with the time switch to solar powered energy or energy from space — prana.

At experts have suggested that this be done not as a whole and not in one period, mankind will still absorb a minimum of food and liquid, which will provide material for the cells of the body. However, after some time disappears the need for intermediate energy reserves.
According to Academician Vladimir Vernadsky, gradually mastered the outer skin of the planet person should go to another way of eating.
Until the power of humanity depends on the animal and plant world, it may not be enough to secure.

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