Supernova-charlatan deceived astronomers

It is surprising, but in space there are cheats and cheat. It happens that even experienced astronomers fall for some tricks especially tricky stars. Thus, a phenomenon that many thought the flash of a supernova SN 2009ip, probably are not. Deceiver took all eyes — in fact there was a merger of the two bodies.

Supernova is evolving in a gigantic explosion, producing a variety of chemical elements and actually dying in the process. However, a completely different scenario deciphered astrophysics: star erupted only simulated explosion of a supernova, and in fact has teamed with his partner in a binary system.

It is believed that explode as supernovae only massive stars — as a result of the expanding nebula is formed with a neutron star or a black hole in the center. But supernova SN 2009ip significantly deviated from the classical version, which gave rise to serious doubts among scientists.

First, the energy released by this supernova is estimated proved even less than 10 percent of the kinetic energy, which is typical for such a facility, and the flash was not one, but several. Then there was a reasonable assumption that in 2012, the last powerful flash does not mean the appearance of a supernova, and the merging of the two celestial bodies that formed the variable star V838 Mon, the mass of which are orders of magnitude greater than solar.

Improbable explanation of the behavior of a supernova sn 2009ip proposed astrophysics Noam Soker (Tehnion, Israel) and Amit Kashi (University of Nevada) in November 2012. It is possible that their interpretation, like a detective story is true — it opens the way to understanding these extraordinary cosmic events.

Thus, they suggested that the outbreak, which was considered the explosion of a supernova called SN 2009ip in September 2012 (flash 2012b), it really means a merger of two massive stars. These stars are there for the time being in a binary system, turning around its center of gravity. Their merger in 2009 and preceded the outbreak of 2011. Apparently, their orbital approach with mutual rotation spawned interaction, as manifested in the bright bursts of radiation.

So, the main flash and pre-flash 2012b 2012a led to the analysis of the light curve of stars in the merger event V838 Mon in the constellation Monoceros. They could release the energy manifested itself as the energy explosion SN 2009ip.

Merge ejected nebula, is expected to have a bipolar structure. The observed rapid absorption with a purple shift means that we observe the system along the polar direction. Similarly, in 1843, grew up in a giant eruption luminosity (Great Eruption) in a massive binary system, which is named after this Puppis (Eta Carinae).

Researcher star Guy Neleman diversity of the University of Nijmegen (Netherlands) said that each year, countless flashes in the sky. They vary in length and brightness, and, of course, everyone can not be supernovae. How does Star Alliance, followed by fireworks flare in the universe? With the accumulation of information astrophysics will answer these questions and to examine the results of the transformation of the stars.

But if the spectral studies reveal the presence of cobalt in SN 2009ip, she returned the fair name of a supernova, and the merger of stars will look to increasing outbreaks characteristic glow.

Tatiana Valchuk

Category: Astronomy and Space

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