Survivor Season 2: Lost watch online

Survivor Season 2: Lost watch online
Who is fighting for the survival of our heroes have in Malaysia. They need to survive on a desert peninsula in the South China Sea 41 day — no food, matches, tools, guns.
They are 20 and 55 are selected from thousands of volunteers.
Now they have two families — elephants and monkeys. They will survive, relying only on their own — to get food and water to protect themselves from the elements, poisonous snakes, insects and other neighbors in the jungle. Every third day or they can expect a test, in which the fate of the protective totem. Tribe, which it loses, should come to the Council and to decide whose turn it is to leave the peninsula.
So it will be until such time as the elephants and monkeys do not become one nation. Whereupon each will fight only for myself.
Those who remain on the peninsula last, will receive the grand prize — 3,000,000 rubles.

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