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A critical look around yourself in the mirror and realize — it's time to lose weight before summer clothes. On Monday I sit down on a diet, and on Tuesday — again knead "Napoleon" … What if I — a sweet tooth and coerce yourself, your favorite, for the heroism, as "tasteless" diet does not work?

Only one way out: to bring the figure in the divine form with sugary diets.

Candies or candy diet

Its purpose is to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner candy (better fortified from the pharmacy). The authors of the diet claim that day Add one packet of sweets, that is about 75 grams. But it is necessary:

  • replenish stores of calcium in the body, you can take it in pill, but you can supplement the diet with low-fat cottage cheese or two cups of milk;
  • brush their teeth regularly, in order to protect them from decay.

    Folk wisdom

    The best remedy for weight loss — an empty refrigerator.

    The best exercise for weight loss: turning your head from left to right. Do they have to be in a well-defined moments — when you are offered something to eat.

Result candy diet stunning! The first day is lost from 1 to 1.5 pounds while feeling completely comfortable there after sweet candy would not be desirable. By the way, drinking in the candy diet is not only possible, but necessary. Not less than two liters per day.

Deceiving stomach candies for the first week of the diet is realistic throw from 5 to 8 pounds. In the second week regaining full breakfast, leaving candy for lunch and dinner. In addition, our strategic reserves of fat are reduced for a few more pounds. Third week: candy only nauzhin — killed off kilogram of body weight.


Unfortunately, these "lollipops bombing", despite its dietary efficiency, hazardous to health and can cause ulcers, gastritis, violations of water-salt, protein and lipid metabolism, affect the state of the liver and pancreas.

Doctors do not advise to get involved lollipops more than three days, and some tried this diet to assure yourself that sugary sweets and more sustain.

Chocolate diet

Another delicious way to lose weight. The scheme is quite simple: for a day are allowed to eat no more than two 40-gram tiles of dark chocolate with a glass of black coffee without sugar. And so — five days. As a result — from 3 to 6 dropped pounds. Then take a break at thefour to six days.

It is said that dark chocolate and coffee sitting Lil Wayne — it's her favorite diet. Chocolate beats appetite and coffee struggling with chocolate bars.


Chocolate diet is contraindicated in hypertension, diabetes, diseases of the stomach, liver and pancreas.

Carbohydrate diet

On a mixed diet of sweet Uma Thurman sat before filming the movie "Kill Bill". In his race for a flat tummy she ate only ice cream and dark chocolate pudding, do not eat normal food. And after six weeks on the diet actress dropped 11.5 hateful pounds. The result, as they say, is obvious. Specifically, on the screen …

Ice Cream Diet developed by American nutritionist Holly McCord. Its essence ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The thing is calcium. It turns out that if it is not enough, our body begins to store fat. If it a lot, the accumulation stops, fats are not postponed, and spent. And we lose weight. So here's the ice cream that same awful lot of calcium!


The cold can get sick throat, and an excess of calcium in people with poor kidney stone disease threatens.

Despite the remarkable and rapid results sugary diets, professionals (mostly) insist on complex diets, which contains all the vital elements, vitamins and proteins. A one-way to any diets (whether only rice, apple, or only or only meat or only sweetness, etc.) are carefully, urging them not to get involved in the long term.

Indeed, for a long time to sit on the sweets — a dangerous thing. Do not stop in time — and pre-diabetes dodietitsya easily. No wonder that diabetes is a national disease Hindus who put sugar in all the dishes — from meat to soup.

Alexander Glotovo

Source: Magazine "Be healthy"

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