Taser for samoobrony

The list of more accessible and recognizable types of guns for self-defense stun gun is not the last. Taser jolt of electricity capable of delivering 700 thousand volts, Yet in Russia are allowed to use stun gun with a charge no more than 60 thousand volts. Stun guns are of 3 types.

The first category includes small gaps, which are simply placed in malehankih female handbag. This produces a stun is not very large voltage, and the maximum that it can, it scare the dogs — the fact that dogs are afraid of cod with blue sparks, and can not bear the smell of ozone generated during the discharge.

In the main it China-made stun.

The second type of voltage stun have over 45 thousand volts, and own several medium sized, in addition, if any, apply shocker is true, maybe even suspend the offender. They have one significant drawback — after switching off the device remains static electricity that you would be very unsafe.

And in the third category includes any voltage stun at 60 thousand volts — it stun batons. They hope rather, they simply can be recharged, but they are quite huge size, can reach a length of up to 40 cm Use similar shocker to be very careful not to get himself under his discharge, by the way, for this reason, never use such a shocker in mokrovatuyu weather. But they can be quite comfortable use, especially in closed environment.

This is typically Shockers 1st Class Russian production.

You have to think that all people possess different sensitivity to the electronic level, for example, someone may not feel discharge even 200 thousand volt. Remember that to old people use to stun with particular caution, as if a person with a heart problem, you're just going to kill him, and this is nowhere definitely not a great result. The effectiveness of a shocker in the winter is dramatically reduced, due to the huge layers odezhki because in a similar case, in order to achieve the goal, the discharge should be directed to the hips, neck, chest.

You should be aware that the offender does not stun stun, and causes painful effect of sudden muscle contraction, which can take up to 10 seconds. Remember! If your first attack was sudden for the offender, then all the others it just might reflect, and, using a close distance, can quickly pick up your gun. So do not hesitate — protection immediately after the first run in the non-hazardous space you have on it will be 5 seconds — 10, not more!

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