Tautatis flying visit to Earth

Astronomers expect a giant asteroid flyby December 12

Photo: news.nationalgeographic.com

Next week, on Wednesday, December 12, will fly past Earth giant asteroid 4179 Tautatis. The length of 4.46 km and width of 2.4 kilometers. And it looks like he's like a lumpy peanuts. Will pass us at a distance of 6.9 million kilometers — almost 18 Distance from the Earth to the Moon. His visit — not uncommon. Every four years, he visits an old woman-Earth.

Astronomers are not afraid and we do not recommend. Guest space for them — another reason to explore the celestial stones. Thus, experts are going to figure out how to rotate the body of this form.

— Typically, he tumbles, that is rotated around the long axis, which in turn makes a circular motion, like a gyroscope, — says one of the researchers, Michael Bush of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (USA).

However, each time when the asteroid is approaching us, it slightly changes the rotation. So his dvizhegniya always requires clarification.

Scientists suggest that Tutatis — two collided and coalesced object. And now they want to test this hypothesis.

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