«Terminator» and may become outdated tank

Tower (combat unit) tank support combat vehicle (BMPT) «Terminator» can be mounted on tank chassis than T-90, also an offshore platform, said to RIA Novosti May 16, 2013 a senior official «Uralvagonzavod».
Fighting module consists of a 30 mm two guns, four anti-tank missiles «Attack», two grenade launchers, a machine gun.
«» Uralvagonzavod » offers tower from the «Terminator» (Installed) to the carrier, including T-72 tanks, and even on the sea carrier «, — said the representative of the company.
He recalled that during the Soviet era in Latin America were put 10’s of thousands of tanks T-55.
«Instead of a costly upgrade Our homeland is now offering substitution combat unit from T-55 to the» Terminator «- said the representative of the» Uralvagonzavod «.
He stressed that such makarom tank developed first 70s, converted to machine the XXI century.

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