The active phase of the joint Russian-Mongolian exercises Selenga-2012


The soldiers of the Eastern Military District (OIE) and the Mongolian armed forces in a joint exercise "Selenge-2012" started working out practical activities at the site Burdun in Transbaikalia.

Division conducted reconnaissance and search operations, located a conditional gangs and carried out their block.

At the next stage of the exercise will be awarded a special operation to destroy them with the use of aviation, artillery and tactical air assault landing. In addition, Russian and Mongolian soldiers to work out a number of tasks related to the safety of civilians in the area covered by conventional bands, the organization "safe corridors" to bring people from conflict zones.

The teaching attracted more than 500 soldiers and more than 100 units of military and special equipment on both sides, as well as the front and army aviation TSB.

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