The anomalous zone of Cheboksary

"Komsomolskaya Pravda Chuvashia", Cheboksary, 04.08.2005

Yana Zvereva

A group of young scientists from Saratov anomalschikov arrives in Cheboksary, in order to explore the mysteries of our city. And the most important among them — Moscow bridge.

Bridge death

Since the beginning of this year there was so much confusion, mystery, and that really start to think about the "evil" … Spring — sensational story with a student who threw herself off a bridge into the bay. On the day of the republic — another suicide, and there, too! And there have been rumors that this past Sunday from the bridge into the unknown stepped another guy … Hell is that?
As it turns out, scientists have long built this bridge to the "anomalous zones". In our opinion — the place where the "flying saucers" and ghosts walk.
— We learned about him by accident — told us members of amateur groups studying the mysteries of the Earth "The Riddle" — looking for witnesses who were interested in other local attractions and a "weirdo." But stopped on that bridge. He — a place where often "deaf motors" accident. From there, people are reset — this is probably the most important thing! All the events on the bridge often occur at night and in the evening.
A week later, the young scientists will come to our city for a detailed study of the mysterious phenomenon. Not only it. Anomalschiki around the world are studying the city where punctually appear in the sky glowing balls. In Russia there are only a dozen. And among others flaunt our Cheboksary.
— Your city anomalschikov the language is called "contact zone" — explains the scientist Konstantin Saratov Dvigin — we have many years we go on an expedition to you. And learned long ago — in Cheboksary more than a dozen years something's going wrong.

Yellow ball

According to scientists, the first extraterrestrial visitors came here in the 80s. Then, on the outskirts of the city in the sky, people saw an unidentified flying object. Since then, a UFO, especially — in the form of a yellow globe, more and more began to appear in Chuvashia.
— We purposely drive around the villages, asked people — says anomalschik. — In general, the situation now is this: for some reason the republic, to be exact — the city and its suburbs, and indeed become a favorite spot for UFOs. However, cases of true contact is not yet registered.

And what do they want?

What attracts us to the heavenly mind? (By the way, most such events are in the provinces). Perhaps they are interested in is our religion, past and present. While this is the only acceptable assumption.
— In Vladimir, and its area is known to be a lot of different Christian monuments, holy places, sources — say the scientists. — Kazan — Muslim city. There are many mosques and Christian churches. Chuvashia, too, is one of the religious places. You and Mother recently delivered, and generally, in the villages still revere the ancient Gods.

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