The average salary of Minsk has reached the saints $ 500

The average salary of the working Minsker is already the equivalent of $ 500.

About This was announced deputy chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Alexander Borisenko, BelTA.

"In accordance with the instructions of the President, we have already entered in Minsk figure of $ 500 average salary per employee. Till the end of the year we plan to exceed this figure," — said Alexander Borisenko.

Alexander Lukashenko at a press conference in December of last year, spoke about the wages of Belarusians in 2010, the year:

"We have a duty to bring the average salary up to $ 500. This figure is sacred for us. It was approved on 5-Belarusian Assembly years. Pensions are also expected to grow by 8-10 percent. "

However, the IMF expressed concern about statements regarding the increase in wages.

"We believe that the increase in salaries should be based on improving productivity. To maintain stability, as before, you need a strict policy regarding the budget and salaries," said Chris Jarvis, the head of the IMF mission, which completed its work in May in Minsk.



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