The city with limited freedom


The festival without police

Outside the gates of the New Castle, was held in the courtyard of the jazz festival, I am a small fan of this music, it probably does not like me, but the atmosphere is forced to speak out. First, for the first time, as the organizers admitted, they decided to expand the scope of: jazz-rock sounded, and I really like the way the old lover of rock 'n' roll at all.

But the main thing — hit in the eye sharp contrast. On the eve of two consecutive days of power to the military celebrated their holiday. City police have flooded in all sorts of different hats, some even new notice — a la the U.S. Marines, but black. Was the traditional free concert on the square and obedient of all young people to the checkpoint with the "anti-terrorist" gate. The feeling of the city under siege, and the incredible heat made me even thinking about the atmosphere in the famous novel of Camus' The Plague. "

And so ends an official holiday, suddenly disappears heat, and in the New Castle Jazz Festival begins. And I can not believe my eyes: through the Gate with sphinxes in the courtyard safely skip those who purchased tickets, they buy beer and who freely placed on the lawn, who — is closer to the stage — in a wheelchair. Feel — no one searched, no groping, no black iron gates of police or one person a cap, not a "funnel"! And where is our mandatory at public events, "paddy"? No! Joking aside, I felt a kind of "culture shock." It turns out that you can do without this scourge in black with truncheons, handcuffs and holster!

Whatever you say, the same jazz-rock — it's really Free Music Singles (as they say on the rock row). The festival organizers are simply not invited militias, why? The secret is that all the other street shows the authorities themselves do, it is necessary to show the public that a lot of people in the form of an expensive justifies its budget bread!

Eardrums respond differently …

The second impression. In the courtyard of a private gallery in the Old City Exhibition "Grunwald", visitors are invited to create an atmosphere more in the street two musicians — bagpipe and drum. Unusually for Grodno, uzrushliva like music of chivalry. Passers-by stop and listen, laughing, taking pictures. Suddenly, from the balcony of an elderly woman starts screeching chase musicians, they hinder it, zaguchna play! An unpleasant experience. But recently — right in front of the balcony roared three days from the stage ensemble at the festival of national cultures at the festival, which takes place on a regular basis! It would not hurt a woman? Or — next — a hundred meters high-profile concerts at the city, constantly engaged on power? At that point, it's — the authorities are doing, and therefore it should be.

Be sure to tell a few years ago on a platform in front of a bar in Vilnius began to act a bit-band that played hits of Deep Purple and other famous rock musicians. As the audience reached there, because the city is nothing interesting happened to still! Even the authorities estimated the Chairman Executive Committee led after one Transcaucasian country with his wife, who had come to see the city. What do you think? Residents of the house, and he's the only living, wrote "cart" — the musicians stop them live … But the next — on Lenin Square authorities while doing regular holidays — fireworks, concerts, discos, and the sound, I'll tell you, was such that in the sky, perhaps, could be heard. But it's — power, so it should be. Our man in the street, well-known, "fellow of the sheep." Concerts at the bar authorities banned, though they loved them.

Street theater? It's impossible!

The impression: our bosses, as in Soviet times, as far as Moscow does not know, does not happen abroad. It does not realize that foreign tourists who are under orders from Minsk, it is necessary to attract, will travel to Grodno only when the residents of the city will feel completely natural, comfortable, loose and relaxed in it. First — you need a free environment for the life of themselves Grodno. But if the bear's ear come, do not understand.

Sounds strange, but in the city there are no street performances, performances in the backyard, in an architectural environment. It was once understood, even the Communists: in Grodno during perestroika twice hosted the international theater festival. But today, the bosses think, unfortunately, the "pre-perestroika" thoughts: it is naive to that foreigners can bring their clothes, and reports of a sharp increase in tourism, its free concerts under the supervision of the army men in uniform.

Although the "horse clear": one yard to play bagpipe and drum to induce Grunwald visit the exhibition in New Castle in this time will sound jazz-rock, and the bar on the Vilnius will gather music lovers Beatles. If by Grodno will be really interesting in the city, if they get a choice — where to go and what to see and hear if they know that they will not hang over the soul of the police will not search them, then maybe "Intourist" hears about interesting and, more importantly, free to express themselves in life over the Niemen, and wants to buy a ticket in the old royal city. But for now, I myself do not believe it.

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