The collapse of the United States will lead the world in the Middle Ages?

All immensely popular in the world get the book on the theme of the fall of the superpowers. According to the sales just in the last six months from the shelves of American bookstores almost dare works native of Dmitry Orlov, money analyst Jeffrey O'Neill and well-known journalist Brandon Trey. All of these books has joined voedinyzhdy one — the description of the principles and laws of Empires fall majestically from the time of Ancient Egypt, ending today periodically. According to the findings of these creators crash at least some of the Empire, the superpower can be predicted quite simply, using the formula defined socio-economic monitoring. By the way, these laws were put another first last century, when the British sociologists and economists have analyzed the background of large-scale crisis in the United Kingdom.

Surprisingly, but if I move the conclusions of the scientists who made more than a century back, it can be concluded that the population of the earth is at the stage of contemplation today's collapse of the empire. Certainly, it is now the only country in the world that one can to name a superpower, the United States. Of course, many people can make an objection, saying that than, for example, Empire China? But with all due respect to the rapid pace of development of China's call it a modern empire too early …

So, for example, that the U.S. really are in the phase of "decay." But what, in fact, it appears. Analyst Jeffrey O'Neill says that at the beginning of the collapse of the tendency of powerful countries such as the United States shows several components at once. We list these components, and put them under examination by the tradesman. The first sign of shaky structure entitled the United States sovereign O'Neill calls undulating crisis in the modern economy, which originate specifically on areas of America. Then the economic crash caused a bloated market lending, it appears the financial crater, which delays the first South American banks, and later all the other world. The crisis generated by the enormous pace of borrowing, which only grow. Each person is invited to accede to the presidency in the United States over the past decades, we have to soon turn away from plans to change the approach to the economic development of the country. The fact is that the Yankees hard "to get off the needle" of foreign borrowing. They are used to living beyond their means, as it did in the same time the Romans, who had pinned hopes on the division of the loot in the bloody wars unleashed by the Roman Emperors.

The analogy with Rome used very not the case, because she Empire collapsed, including, and because of the acute shortage of foreign exchange reserves. Rome could no longer fund its army at the same level as that was one of the causes of crushing superpower of the ancient time.

It must be said also that most of the modern Yankees are not ready for the "fall" of the United States. If read of the cash component of the likely collapse of the South American country, it will provoke a real social disaster in the United States. People who used to live at the expense of other countries, and have some of the highest income per capita in the world, does not expect massive turmoil not only in the economic, and social spheres. Because in one of his own books analyst Dmitry Orlov, who lives in the United States from early years, says that the inhabitants of the Soviet Union were more adapted to the collapse of their own superpower. You can disagree with the monarch Orlov, because we know very well that most of the Russian people and when he was "blossoming" of the socialist empire had no idea what it means to live in pleasure. The whole people, which own weight in getting a similar salary, regardless of the zeal and talent, quite confidently survived all the vicissitudes of money early 90s. That being said, the real Russian immune to all kinds of shocks, collapse, crises and other harbingers of the "fall" Lofty Empires. Well, what business the Russian old woman receiving a small pension before the fall or grow a dollar there … And she with all that in there is always in store salt, matches and pickles. This is the historical memory of our people formed a "immune" to the crisis. In the end, the Empire are not for the people, for our people and somehow relaxed began to treat even revolutionary changes.

Naturally, if the outlook for the collapse of American power are at a fairly solid ground, it will be a true global storm. If Again look at the history, we can see how the world is plunged into chaos after the collapse of the Roman Empire. Whole nations, having lost the source of income, began to find profit in strife, war raged ethnic, inter-religious confrontations was not the end. Completely unlike what we litsezreem in the modern world, the situation is only exacerbated by besides the fact that today's world is almost completely globalized. Crash U.S. provoke a chain reaction on changing attitudes in other countries, economically and socially closely associated with the Yankees. Let's not forget, but, and that some countries are keenly interested in the fact that the situation in the United States turned into uncontrollable. The same Iran and North Korea will be "to dance" on the ruins of the feudal head of the world. Today's "colony" of the U.S. — Georgia, Albania, Poland, Romania and other countries, deprived of its own owner, the table which they battered gnawed bones, may not be aware that they still do now.

Let us not forget that the collapse of the U.S. can be triggered not only by economic factors. Already, the U.S. population is so discordant that about real democracy, nor the consolidation of the society under the law of the question. Any community is trying to pull the blanket over himself.

Muslim associations have argued that it would be good "several revise" the laws of the country in order to give more opportunities to Islamic ideology. In Britain, the Islamists need to give them a whole quarters, where they will administer its "justice." In Scandinavia, the ethno-religious conflicts are confronted entire religious clusters. And given that both Britain and Scandinavia — the essence of the Americanized world, no one would refute that not all is well in the "Plainclothes Kingdom."

Overall, if just trust in the creators of the scenarios mentioned above, we are already a couple of years can expect a new Middle Ages. But whether after the era of the Renaissance — the big question …

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