The confiscation of the independent newspaper — police officers to criminal liability

Krycheu publisher of the independent newspaper "Free City" Vladimir Kudryavtsev will appeal to the prosecutor's office, so she filed a criminal case against three employees of the district police.

In a statement to the prosecutor of the district Krichevsky Vladimir Tryvayly Kudryavtsev accuses senior lieutenants Edward Kravtsov, Sergey Machulno, Yuri Dyubanava that they were illegally arrested last edition of the newspaper. Moreover it requires that the prosecution has established the identity of an unknown officer in plain clothes, who participated in the arrest of a courier newspaper at the train station of the district center.

Arbitrary arrest of newspaper Vladimir Kudryavtsev calls the theft of his property:

"The basis for the theft committed by senior lieutenants were critical material on the activities of the district police. Thus police officers, as the responsible person, prevented me in my legal professional journalism and pursue my criticism, "said in a statement the publisher of the independent newspaper" Free City "Vladimir Kudryavtsev.

The main theme of the room was arrested article "NTV destroyed the reputation of President Lukashenko," Pavel Sheremet with the comment about the scandalous Russian TV movie "The Godfather."

Courier with 297 instances of "free city" was arrested by four policemen Krychau bus station on July 9. He was later released, but the newspaper was confiscated. Publishers are requested in writing by the prosecutor and the chief of the district police arrested back copies of the newspaper.

Non-governmental newspaper "Free City" is printed in Smolensk. This publication is not registered. According to the Belarusian legislation in this status must newspaper's circulation is not greater for 299 copies.

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