The date of the presidential election may be called on September 7

Members of the House of Representatives on September 7 will gather for an extraordinary session. The corresponding decree was signed at number 364 Alexander Lukashenko. Officially, it is reported that deputies will discuss financial issues, including the draft budget for 2011. But many analysts do not rule out that it is the House of Representatives on September 7 and will name the date for the next presidential election.

Members of the House of Representatives, according to the current legislation, they themselves can not assign a special session. Therefore, they have to apply for permission to the head of state.

The need for an unscheduled session of the chairman of the committee of nation-building, local government and regulations Vasily Bajkov connects with the tasks that the president has put in his Address to the Belarusian people and the National Assembly. They are impossible to solve without the adoption of a number of laws, emphasizes Mr. tales:

"It is necessary to take into account the requirements of the head of state that the regulations, especially in the fields of economy, must begin to act not earlier than three months from the date of signing. Therefore, consideration and adoption of the extraordinary session of laws will not only take into account the demands of the President, but also will enable organizations and individuals to study in detail changes in legislation and to prepare for the new environment. "

Four issues of the agenda of the extraordinary session and really relate to finance and economics. It — draft republican budget and the social security fund for 2011, amendments to the Tax and Budget Codes. But the fifth stated: "Other matters (if necessary)." This item gives analysts a reason to assume that just at this session will be assigned and the date of the next presidential election.

CEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik in an interview with "Freedom" said that to date, no news about the timing of the election is not:

Nikolai Lozovik

"The only thing that we can now refer to this statement of the head of state that the elections will be held early next year. Twice he repeated that his statement. But the law allows to hold elections before. Specific election date determines the House of Representatives. If MPs will meet in special session, perhaps, and this issue will be put on the agenda. A possible — and no. "

Remains true to date, which later can not hold elections — February 6, 2011.

Chairman of the Central Election Commission Lidia Yermoshina now on vacation. According to her family, she is now in Russia's Kaliningrad. In This year, marks 35 years since Ms. Yarmoshyna graduated at the Faculty of Law at the local university. So it was that in its base to see with your friends — say native CEC chairman.


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