The detainee Nyaklyayeu

The leader of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" Nyaklyayeu was arrested this morning around Zhodino. He was heading to the Congress of soldiers in Afghanistan.

As the Freedom of the press secretary of the "Tell the Truth" Julia Rimashevskaya, at the entrance of Zhodino traffic police stopped the car, which was traveling Nekljaev together with colleagues and persistently asked to pass on the inspection of the machine in Zhodinsky police department. There's traffic police Dmitri Drozd and Alexander Buko explained that the car, which was traveling poet, like the one that znaditstsa wanted. The machine requires inspection, and passengers must be interviewed.

Traffic policemen in an hour inspecting the car and did description of things who were in the machine. At the request of the driver to make an urgent request to the Interior Kiravannne Minoblispolkoma where in the department of criminology July 9 made a similar examination of the car, the police did not react.

A spokesman for Julia Rimashevskaya itself called the Kiravannne Interior Minoblispolkoma. Duty after consultation with the leadership promised that soon the officer who conducted the examination on July 9, zkantaktuetstsa with it.

Nyaklyayeu believes that this is another attempt by the authorities to prevent him from meeting.

"They obviously took into account the experience of achieving, at the detention auto paedke in Borisov. Then they delayed it is auto, which allowed me to get to that susrechu where I was going. Now detained machine, but we are supposed to explain who we are, where traveling and why. "

14:00 After 3 gadinnga content in Zhodino police department Nyaklyayeu together with his colleagues released.



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