The door opens into another universe «wormhole»

According to scientists, space is a kind of center of all kinds of tunnels leading to other worlds, or even in another space. And, most of all, they came with the birth of our universe.

These tunnels are called wormholes. But their nature is, of course, is different from that observed in black holes. Of celestial holes of no return. It is believed that, once the black hole, perish for ever. But once in the "wormhole" can not only return safely, and even go back in time or to the future.

One of its main tasks — the study of wormholes — considers and modern science of astronomy. At the beginning of the study they were regarded as something unreal, fantastic, but it turned out that they actually exist. By nature they are composed of the same "dark energy", which is filled with 2/3 of all existing universes. This vacuum has a negative pressure. Most of these places are close to the center of the galaxy.

What will happen if you create a powerful telescope and look right into the wormhole? Perhaps we can see the glow of the future or the past?

It is interesting that some black holes are incredibly pronounced gravity, even in its field is the curvature of the light beam. At the very beginning of the last century Austrian physicist named Flamm hypothesized that the geometry exists and it is like a hole, only between worlds! But then other scientists have found that in the end creates a spatial structure similar to the bridge that can connect two different universes. Here they got the name wormhole.

Electric power lines are included in this hole with one hand, and go with a different, ie virtually never ending and no beginning. Today, scientists are working on, so to speak, to identify entrances to wormholes. In order to consider all of these "objects" are near to build super powerful telescopic systems. In the next few years, such systems will be started and then the researchers can examine previously inaccessible objects.

It is worth noting that all these programs are designed not only to study the mole or black holes, but also for other useful missions. Recent discoveries of quantum gravity prove that it is through these "spatial" holes hypothetically possible move not only in space but also in time.

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