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Not so long ago, it became clear that our homeland this year exceeded its plans to export arms and military equipment. According to the preparatory calculations, in 2012 the Russian defense industry has had to make and deliver products to customers by 13.5 billion dollars. By the time the true actual shipments exceeded 14 billion this Makar, Our homeland has retained the second place in the ranking of a huge sales tool in the world, second only to the United States. Approximately fifth of all income from the supply of arms and military equipment provided by the sale of naval equipment, boats, ships and submarines. Seeing this trend, the Russian designers continue to create new projects, marine equipment, including a good export prospects.

In recent years one of the main export items of marine equipment were diesel-electric submarines of Project 877 EKM "Halibut" and 636 "Varshavyanka." The forthcoming development of these submarines was project 677 "Lada" and its export version of the "Amur-950." At the current time the boat "Amur-950" is often on display at various exhibitions and salons, but so far has not been concluded or the 1st contract for the supply. With all of this totality of features and capabilities of these boats suggests that the orders are a matter of time and may appear in the next few years.

Designed to CDB Marine Engineering "Rubin" project "Amur-950", being the development of Project 677, inherited from the latter as a general view, and a number of technical aspects of the design. For example, "Lada" and "Amur-950" for the first time in Russian practice since the 40s made for single-effect diagram. The design of the boat "Amur-950" is used a number of technical solutions aimed at reducing noise. For this indicator, the new project no worse than the last, and in some criteria, allegedly even exceeds them. During the development of control mechanisms have changed little boat. Thus, in the marketing materials of early nasal featured retractable rudders. On the new figures "Amur-950", in turn, the boats are portrayed with horizontal rudders mounted on the cabin. The stated length and width of the boat equal 56.8 and 5.65 meters respectively. Surface displacement, according to marketing materials, equates 1,065 tonnes. Strength of the housing will allow subs "Amur-950 'dive to a depth of 300 meters.

Propulsion Boat "Amur-950 ', as is argued, can be made by airindependent scheme, with the introduction of chemical generators. If you are using similar technology significantly increases the range of the underwater stroke and, as a consequence, increase combat abilities submarine. In the official materials CDB ME "Rubin" states that air independent power plant (VNEU) along with containers for the reagents installed in a single-module bay. This allows the boat to VNEU not only at the beginning, during construction, and during the modernization works. A clear structure airindependent power plant is still unknown. The same can be said about the second option power plant "Amur-950", performed by traditional way. According to the creators of the portal, in this embodiment, the submarine will be equipped with one or with 2 28DG diesel generators with a capacity of 1,000 square each and one low speed brushless motor SED-1 up to 4100 horsepower. According to official data, will allow to reach VNEU submerged speed of about 20 knots.

According to reports, on boats "Amur-950" is planned to establish a combat information management system of "Lithium", or similar to it a new system. As well as the "Lada", their export option should carry sonar system "Lira", hydrophones which are located across the bottom surface of the boat. In addition, part of the equipment of the "Amur-950" will include complex periscope detection system of radar signals, communications equipment, and the equipment of inertial and satellite navigation.

Armament DEPL "Amur-950" consists of four torpedo tubes 533 mm in the bow with the ammunition to 12 torpedoes. In addition, instead of torpedoes or directly with them boat can carry and use a certain amount of minutes. At the request of the customer submarine "Amur-950" can be equipped with 10 vertical launchers in the middle of the hull. These launchers are designed for use cruise missiles family "Movement". There is information about the ability of launching such missiles through standard torpedo tubes.

It is not the true time was built a single boat of the "Amur-950." On the export prospects of the project affected first brand new air independent power plant. Despite the fact that similar equipment in recent years has been the cornerstone for the development of diesel-electric submarines, most of the projects VNEU so far has a lot of problems. As a result, the total number of submarines filled with similar systems in the world do not exceed a few 10 s. Perhaps future buyers "Amur-950" scares specifically the risk to buy a boat with nedovvedennymi power plants. Meanwhile, there were reports about the likely acquisition of China, at least four submarines project 677E. Maybe in the future, the Chinese military would be willing to buy and more than new "Cupids-950."

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