The fifth tanker with Venezuelan oil will arrive in Odessa on July 29-30

Venezuelan oil to Belarus continues to flow to the Oil Refinery through the port of Odessa, said the company LLC "BNK-Ukraine". The fourth tanker had finished unloading. Fuel is loaded into tank cars.

As learned from falls, in the control of oil and gas terminal seaport confirmed that the arrival of the next batch of imported raw materials in the amount of about 80 tonnes is expected in the Black Sea port in accordance with the previously approved schedule July 29-30.

On the eve of unloaded and adshvartavavsya raid berth with the port of Odessa fourth tanker from Venezuela "Minerva Zoe" with 76.6 tonnes of oil varieties Santa Barbara. After unloading raw materials into shore tanks, which lasted from July 17, just over two days, now there is a discharge of oil into tank cars for onward dispatch to the Oil Refinery.

As reported, The first tanker with oil from Venezuela arrived in the port of Odessa on April 25 at This year,, second and third — 19 and 29 June, respectively.

As previously reported, the Ukrainian side has the technical ability to receive in the proposed Belarusian side volumes of Venezuelan oil to the port of Odessa, its handling and subsequent transport by rail on Oil Refinery to 4 million tons, increasing to 10 million tons of oil a year.

The first batch of Venezuelan oil to Belarus were recycled and sold to Ukraine.

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