The following year, the sky appears bright comet

The next year, we can expect quite a spectacular event — flying comet C/2012S1 (ISON) near the Sun. The recently discovered comet, and astronomers are still studying it.

See the comet could still beyond the orbit of Jupiter last week. To the sun as it fits only in November 2013.
Discovery made Vitaly Nevsky and Artem Novichonok through a network of optical instruments for observing objects in geocentric orbits Observatory Kislovodsk.

According to data obtained from calculations, the comet should fly only 1.1 million kilometers above the visible surface of the Sun. While it is impossible to say for sure whether the comet will survive such a rapprochement, but the spectacle is sure to be exciting.

Usually comets, so close to the sun, evaporate under the enormous temperatures, but last Christmas was already a precedent, when the comet Lovejoy, which was to be burned, yet survived a meeting with our star.

Whatever the fate of the comet, it is in any case will be clearly visible from Earth. So it is expected that within a few months closer to the Sun the comet will be clearly visible in the northern hemisphere. Observers located south of the equator, will likely be able to see only the tail of the comet.

If the comet will survive a meeting with the Sun, on the way back, it will fly 60 million miles from Earth. The minimum distance to the planet it might come December 26, 2013.

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