The Godfather-2 is designed for one audience — on Lukashenko

Russian TV channel NTV showed the second part of the documentary film "The Godfather," whose protagonist — the head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. How to relate to this film in Belarus and Russia?

Russian State Duma deputy from the ruling party "United Russia" Sergei Markovto believe that the movie "The Godfather" is a repetition of those films that have been made about Lukashenko in the West and it is designed for a single viewer.

Sergei Markov

"I believe that this film is not designed for the Russian audience, nor in Belarus. It is designed for a single viewer Belarus — Alexander Lukashenko. He said that Moscow can not put up forever with the muck that he does."

Mr. Markov believes that this film is to some extent a response to the interview with the President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, is shown on Belarusian TV. According to Markov, when "everyone will go, then Russia will not be able to support Lukashenko in the presidential election."

BTRC Chairman Alexander Zimouski noted that official Minsk to "Godfather" will not respond because it is entirely directed to the Russian audience.

Alexander Zimouski

"Since we now have a friendship with Georgia, these films seem to me as monstrous dreams. Georgian philosopher and writer Mirabeau Mamardashvili said not scared to live in a dream, it is terrible to wake up in someone else's dream. So the Russians, watching these movies, wake up in someone else's dreams. I I think there is no reason for a lawsuit in the name of honor and dignity or criminal penalties for libel. positions of president is so stable that it does not even need to pay attention to it. "

According Zimouski, the Kremlin give yourself the fact that there is no control over the Belarusian media space they have.

"So they are not as naive as to think that the agitation will be held here in Belarus and that's open eyes. This product is specifically made for spoiling the image of Belarus and its leader in the Russian electorate. Do not want to say that the roots of these films lie in Belarus. Though the material is taken away, it is no doubt. But this is nothing new. "

The leader of the BPF Alexei Yanukevich, the purpose of these films drawing as much as possible information and political harm to Alexander Lukashenko personally.


"Russia, the Kremlin decided not to support Lukashenko in the presidential election. And in any case, it is advantageous Lukashenko weak. Such a policy is now being implemented by the weakening of the Kremlin, humiliating Lukashenko personally. And the film" The Godfather 2 "is one of the regular information strikes. "

A potential candidate for the presidency of the United Civil Party Yaroslav Romanchuk called the film a continuation of the information war with Alexander Lukashenko.

Yaroslav Romanchuk

"The Kremlin is no longer sees him as an ally, does not believe that he will fulfill the signed agreements on the Customs Union. Kremlin has taken a course to clamp it in a corner and did not even admit to the fact that he participated in the elections. Oligarchs Union and authoritarian the leaders of the Kremlin and the official Minsk ended, only quarrel erupted. Therefore, each party will use a variety of tools and information. Kremlin began with sensitive topics such as the extinct for Belarus, corruption, with a very ugly side of the Lukashenka regime. And this is the information that the head Belarus did not want to know the Belarusians. "

Commenting on the film "The Godfather 2" Stanislav Shushkevich said:

Stanislav Shushkevich

"Thank God, and Russia to reason and correctly assesses who have illegally got the top job in the state. This is a good signal in order to change the situation in Belarus. If Russia will cease to recognize the illegal elections, problems with this man NO, he will lose them. Europe is still not recognized by any one rigged elections. He, by the way, and he was talking about fraud, and now in Russia does not recognize. Therefore, we must consider here what to do next. And I think that not only rats, but the honest employees need to leave the curb and the captain's cabin on the ship of power. "

According to a former presidential candidate in Belarus Alexander Kozulin, these films are as "need to know who runs this country":

Alyakandar Kozulin

"Right now our lord retains some secret silence. Now very tough questions are asked in such a very massive platform. And if we hear the answers — will become clear."


NTV, "The Godfather"

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