The heyday of magic

Once a person has to believe that inanimate world is filled with good and evil spirits, he easily took the next step — began to establish contact with the good spirits to receive guidance and blessings, as well as to placate evil.

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As a result, there was magic that has gained much popularity in almost all ancient and modern nations.

At its core, magic — it attempts to manage natural or supernatural forces or force them to do the will of man. Not knowing the true causes of many everyday phenomena, people in early societies believed that by repeating certain words or magic spells or performance of some rituals you can achieve the desired results. This kind of magic began to trust, because sometimes the rituals and really helped.

For example, healers — in essence, shamans or sorcerers — of the Mentawai Islands, west of Sumatra, is extremely effective cure people of rackets. In accordance with their magic recipe, patients had to go to the edge of the cliff face to the earth, and lick.

Why is it helping? The composition of the soil on the rock contains kaolin, a white clay that is used today in the manufacture of drugs rackets.

Several positive results were enough to quickly forget about all the failures and bring repute healers. They soon became highly respected priests, shamans, healers, mediums and wizards, to whom awe.

People turned to him with their problems, begging them to heal disease and to turn away, to find the forgotten things, identify thieves, remove corruption and bring revenge.

In the end, there was a lot of superstitious customs and rituals associated with these and other life events, such as the birth, maturity, engagement, marriage, death, and burial. The powerful and mysterious magic soon became the dominant force in every sphere of human life.

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