The human body is able to predict the future

November 10, 2012 23:15

The human body can anticipate the great event before it happens — at least, according to the results of a new scientific study.

"We found that the event can be predicted without any external prompting — explains neuroscientist at Northwestern University (Illinois, USA) and co-author Julia Mossbridzh. This signal, though small, but very real. The question is, how it arises. "

Other scholars refer to the conclusions of researchers at Illinois rather skeptical. They think they are too tense and hasty.

The effect of "anticipation" is real?

Many experiments have shown that physical indicators such as heart rate, pupil dilation and brain activity may vary for 1-10 seconds before a person sees something terrible (like a moving snake). In most of these experiments showed participants pictures. Frightening images were randomly mixed with neutral, so that theoretically people could not guess the nature of the photo, which they can be shown as follows. However, since the findings of these studies were too implausible, in the scientific world met them pretty cool.

In order to verify the reality of the above-mentioned effect Mossbridzh and her team analyzed documents related to a score on his studies and discard those whose results could be somehow rigged.

Even after that, they came to the conclusion that the effect of "anticipation" in which emotional state is changing in seconds before an important event. Scientists believe that the human body is able to feel what is on the threshold of an important event, even if the person does not realize it.

The researchers do not claim that people have a supernatural or paranormal abilities. They think, "presentiment" real physical effect, which is subject to natural laws, although these laws themselves as long as they are not known.


But there are scientists who deny the possibility of the existence of a premonition.

Despite the fact that the methods used in this study, adequate enough, it does not speak of the reality of the existence of "anticipation" — says researcher of the Research Center of Higher Nervous Activity Rufin Vanrullen.

"This study proves only the existence of a statistical trend, in which the desire of scientists to detect so-called effect anticipation affects the course of the experiment and the interpretation of the results."

It is possible that the results of similar studies that found no such effect, were simply forgotten. Such information is never published, are known only by those that test positive

Skeptics believe that the announcement of the results of research team at Northwestern University irrelevant enough to 87 such unpublished studies did not yield positive results.

"Given all the experiments on" anticipation ", which were held both in research laboratories and researchers, parapsychologists, a number of unsuccessful and unpublished works can be obtained with ease."

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