The idea — the energy


We extract energy from everywhere. When we eat, we take out the energy to power our cells. We breathe in the air and get a breath of energy from the sun, planets, plants and all living things. When we have something hard and continuously think that a lot of energy and information stored in our mental images.

There comes a time when the amount of energy reaches a critical mass, mental images begin to live your life, attracting the events and circumstances of which we thought we were dreaming, or, conversely, which feared. Implementing a program of mental images, inherent in them our thoughts, and this program takes us behind. As if by magic, and the possibility of opening the way for the implementation of our plans.

The more energy we put into mental images, the more active and more accurate it will be implemented.

The energy of thought can create, and maybe destroy.

If one thinks about the problems, challenges, failures, disease — it attracts all. Conversely, positive thinking, presenting thoughts desired end result, long pondering over it, we do it all the more likely because of positive thinking.

And if we do thus and will take action, to make efforts for the realization of our goals, our success is assured. The energy of our positive thoughts will attract to us the necessary circumstances and luck. With positive thinking, positive emotions build up, we are seized by inspiration, good mood, confidence and joy in anticipation of victory.

If we want to be healthy, successful, lucky draw joy and happiness in your life, you must learn to think in a positive manner.

From the quality of our thoughts on our health, appearance, mood, emotions and feelings.

To learn how to think positively, you must learn to control your thoughts. This, of course, is not easy. All of us are moments of despair, sadness, dissatisfaction. If we "fixate" on the issues, challenges, failures, diseases, we get all this in even larger quantities.
"Our well-being depends on the quality of our thinking!"

Why positive thoughts attract good things and negative — poor?

It all comes down to a simple energy exchange. If our thoughts, words or deeds carry the film, her Majesty Life responds to us the same. A good in mind — positive thinking, actions and words produces good in life.

In recent years, this topic has received extensive coverage in the media. Often write about it in medical journals. Many doctors believe that our thoughts, our minds control the body, so the mind that is set positively, will promote the health of the body, and frequent negative thoughts lead to disease.

Also found that the feeling of anger is harmful to the body, leading to increased heart rate, a narrowing of the arteries and ultimately to disease.

The feeling of gratitude, love, on the contrary, leads to the fact that the contraction of the heart become more regular — it works better. And increased levels of immunoglobulin "A", which protects our body against infections and diseases. The feeling of gratitude to your body, to your body — improves the function of internal organs.

Even the cells of the body "know" our thoughts. Scientists are electronically tracked the behavior of cells in the human body, logging, both positive and negative reactions to human thought and action.

Robert Stone, in his book "Life without limits," writes about this study, conducted by Clive Baxter, one of the world's top experts on the lie detector. The cells of the human body was placed in a solution in which the electrodes are inserted into a recording device. Man was sent to walk among the poor and homeless in the poor neighborhood of the city. However, his action filmed with a hidden camera. While the boy was calm, the unit of gently undulating curve. When the same test was afraid that having met a homeless person with a threatening appearance, its cells are at a distance of several kilometers, have reacted negatively. The recorder has registered a strong negative outlier. As soon as he sent his sympathies cell signal, immediately drafted a sharp stylus positive peak.

The cells of our bodies know our thoughts! The better and kinder than we think about your body, the more grateful to him, the more our cells, our bodies are responding to our positive thoughts, helping us to be healthy.

Consequently, positive thoughts promote physical health, negative — on the contrary.

Our manner of speaking, too, can affect our health. If we often resort to negative statements about the parts of our body, under certain conditions, these statements may be true. For example, statements such as: "I have a sore neck from it," "I'm sick of it," "It breaks my heart," "Something I do not keep your feet" — of no benefit to any of our neck or our feet, nor to our hearts.

We should express love to our body, and in particular, to the body that is not performing.

Recently, doctors have a clinic in the United States conducted an experiment which involved people with broken legs. Some of the patients in the treatment gently turned to his leg, mentally asked for her forgiveness, expressing her love. However, they mentally "watched" as the fracture heals at an accelerated pace. As a result, these patients recovery occurred on average 35 percent faster. The same approach can be applied to any other organ of the body.

Our thoughts can help the doctor to heal us.

Try the following exercise.

Sit back and imagine your sick body. Think of it with love. Ask for forgiveness. Perhaps it is you're a little bit guilty, that he was ill. Imagine it smoothly functioning and healthy. You "see" how it will respond to your mental image. Express your sincere love for him and thanked him for the good work.

I wish you all only positive thoughts and good health!

Natalia Chervinskaya

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