The IMF expects Belarus to structural reforms

The International Monetary Fund is continuing consultations with the authorities of Belarus about the directions of the structural reforms that could be the foundation of a new program in the event of a formal request Belarus'.

"The current consultation with the authorities of the possible destinations, the timing and amount of reform — it is developments that are necessary if Belarusian side formally ask the IMF for a new program. This work is very important for the success of the negotiations, "- told Interfax IMF Resident Representative in Belarus Natalia Kolyadina.

Official Minsk has not made an official inquiry about the new program.

Regarding the consultation N.Kolyadina said that the IMF wants to know "that the authorities want to do next year and in the next five years. " Moreover, IMF listens to the plans of the World Bank concerning the structural reforms in Belarus.

The main areas that are discussed N.Kolyadina called privatization, liberalization of pricing and labor markets.

"It is very important to create a specialized financial agency to fund government programs — work is ongoing," said Natalia Kolyadina.

She noted that a draft presidential directive on the liberalization of the economy indicates the intention of the authorities to make reforms, but the main issue remains their mechanisms, speed and depth.



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