The inauguration of Alexander Lukashenko — Belarus President. Full version

The inauguration ceremony of the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, January 21, 2010. You are watching a live broadcast of the inauguration of the President.
Dozens of cameras installed on the motorcade route number 1 on Prospect Winners, Independence, on October Square, the Palace of the Republic, where he will be a ceremony of inauguration. Very soon, we will witness the most important event in the life of the country.
Just over a month ago in Belarus held presidential elections, December 19. Today, the newly elected head of state formally took office.

Now we see how honorable Presidential motorcade turns Pobediteley at Holy Protection Church. Gorgeous escort of nine white bikes. This is a special unit of the traffic police, "Boom." It is also called the "escort number 1". This is one of the elements of the state protocol. Founded in 1994, the special escort unit is considered one of the best in the world. For 18 years the personnel of this special unit has performed more than 11,000 and more than 50 escorts escort. Tuple of the Belarusian leader escort of motorcyclists accompanied only in particular occasions. For example, such as today. After the inauguration — a special ritual for a policy that people entrusted the future of their country.
Presidential motorcade moves on Prospect Winners. Today symbolically perceived even the name of one of the main streets of the capital. Alexander Lukashenko won the election with a huge advantage. Here are the results presented by the Central Commission for Elections and Referenda. Thus, the total number of voters in the Republic of Belarus was 7105660 people. The turnout 6441031 voter. In other words, the turnout exceeded 90%. Under Part 4 of Article 79 of the Electoral Code of Belarus President Alexander G. Lukashenko elected for candidacy is filed with 5,130,557 votes. It was 79, 65% of voters who took part in the vote.
The cortege moved past the buildings that are signed in the recent history of Belarus. Komsomol lake — labor antebellum feat Belarusian youth. According to many veterans from this side of the 44th summer, the troops began fighting for the liberation of Minsk. In the fall of 2010 were citizens of Minsk chic gift — an updated waterfront Komsomolsk lake. Residents and visitors have already admiring the fountain of Victory.
December 19 the country has made its choice. During the years of independence, we have formed a successful model of economic and social market economy. Its characteristic feature is the social policy. The country has paid maximum attention to veterans, retirees, especially supported motherhood, childhood and youth.
Today, Belarus — is a sovereign and independent country. State policy really proved its effectiveness. Belarus could get out of the global financial crisis with minimal losses. Our Republic has proven its ability to ensure sustainable development and national security, even in harsh environments.
Sovereignty — is the highest national asset to be everyday work to strengthen and protect. Real sovereignty is expensive, expensive, but without it, the nation is not sustainable. Independence of Belarus became undeniable factor in world politics, a factor that is impossible to ignore. And this — the greatest achievement.
Now the path of the convoy number 1 — stela "Minsk — Hero City". Here, next to the traditional venue for military parades in independent Belarus, will be constructed building of the new Museum of the Great Patriotic War. Next to the museum will be updated Victory Park. Since our country confirms how important to keep the people's memory. Loyalty to the historical memory — the basis of public policy.
You are watching a live broadcast of the inauguration ceremony of the President of Belarus. And now the train is approaching another significant places of the capital — the Palace of Sports. Belarusians tend to become healthier nation. For this the state has invested heavily in the construction of the widespread variety of sports facilities. Making them accessible to people of all ages. Healthy lifestyle, plus the development of medicine, safe environment together will promote a healthy nation.
Now train rides into the historic part of the capital, the so-called Upper Town. Bridge over Nemiga leads to Freedom Square and City Hall. It is associated with Nemiga first memories of Minsk Chronicles "Chronicle." It is said that a person who is brought up on contempt of ancestors can not be a real citizen of the state. Belarus is doing everything possible to preserve the historical heritage and to encourage a new generation of love and respect for his country.
Dozens of cameras mounted on a motorcade. And now we see the honorable procession leaves the main avenue of the country's Independence Avenue. A convoy of vehicles and motorcycles coming to the Palace of the Republic, which will host the main celebration — the inauguration of the President. The newly-elected head of state sworn allegiance to the people of Belarus. After taking the oath, under Article 83 of the Constitution, the President takes office.
Our country is a presidential republic. The President represents the unity of the people, is the head of state and the guarantor of the Constitution. The President shall take measures to protect the sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus, its national security and territorial integrity. Provides political and economic stability, continuity and interaction of bodies of state power, a mediator between the public authorities.
Now we see how the newly elected head of state Alexander Lukashenko out of the car, up the steps and enters the palace. His welcome military guard of honor. After a few moments will sound fanfare "Hear all," and the ceremony will begin.
Lidia Yermoshina, head of the Central Election Commission for Elections and National Referendums:
Dear Alexander G., ladies and inauguration ceremony of the President of the Republic of Belarus, dear citizens of the Republic of Belarus, in this day of celebration, the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Belarus announced that the will of the people elected the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.
Voters in Belarus took a responsible decision to vote for the election of Alexander G. in a free and democratic elections.
Dear Mr. G., in accordance with Article 83 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, I ask you to take the oath.
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Zastupayuchy at Pasadena Prezіdenta Respublika Belarus urachysta swear to faithfully sluzhіts people Respublika Belarus pavazhats ahoўvats right i i i Svaboda chalaveka gramadzyanіna, zahoўvats i abaranyats Kanstytutsyyu Respublika Belarus, holy i dobrasumlenna vykonvats uskladzenyya me vysokіya abavyazkі.
Lidia Yermoshina, head of the Central Election Commission for Elections and National Referendums:
Dear Mr. G., I ask you to sign an act of oath.
Alexander G., let me give you a certificate of the President.
Anatoly Rubinov, Chairman of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
Dear Alexander G., ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, let me, on behalf of the National Assembly of the country to congratulate you, Alexander G., with the official inauguration of the President of the Republic of Belarus for the next term.
You were elected to the presidency as a result of fair, democratic and transparent elections, which were attended by almost all the citizens of our country who are eligible to vote. These elections have shown that the vast majority of our people trust you as a leader of our country, as a national leader, as President of the Republic of Belarus. Approves your policy, your proposed model for the country. And this confidence, this support is not based on pre-election promises and campaign speeches, to which you do not pay, and on the experience of previous years, to the wonderful successes, and our country and our people have achieved under your leadership.
Indeed, never before in the history of Belarus did not develop so rapidly, our people had not reached a level of prosperity and well-being, as in the years of your presidency.
Give you the God, dear Alexander G., inexhaustible strength and confidence in the justice of their cause, to continue to successfully steer the ship of our state, carrying it through all the reefs, storms, trials on the road of independence, progress and prosperity. I am sure that no matter what challenges did not appear to you as President of the country, you will always find the right solution based on what you are committed to your entire life, from birth to the sincere and deep love for our country and our people.
Good luck, Alexander G..
Metropolitan Filaret, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus
Dear participants of the ceremony, the Right Honourable Alexander G., President of the Republic of Belarus, the Belarusian world's attention is focused today to an important event, which marks the continuation of your service to the president of the Republic of Belarus.
The name of your people of Belarus pins its hopes in civil affairs appointed and continuing sovereign building in the community of different countries and peoples.
Helm of state power in your hand. And surely the Belarusian power follows the path chosen by our people.
Striving for Peace and Life of blagodenstvennomu, sensible, loving homeland of the Belarusian people, we appeal to the Creator with one voice and one heart. Lord, you rule over all, and in thy power and might, and in your power to exalt and strengthen us.
May strengthen the same and managed to Lord you, dear Alexander G., in your high public service. And yes will come to all of us the will of God, the good and all-perfect, that prospered our Belarusian homeland forever.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Dear compatriots, dear guests! On this auspicious day, I can not but express special feelings that overwhelmed me today. Giving the oath of allegiance to the Fatherland and the people, I feel especially great thanks for your trust and support, and a great responsibility for our common destiny with you. The voices of millions of honest and faithful people that the last time we stood up for the coolest historical turns, inspire and give new strength. Yes, we won a landslide victory, because the question was not only in the choice of the President. In fact, solved the fate of the country — be it independent and strong or get into bondage. Belarusian people to determine its own development path and to give all at the mercy of those who are ready for a song to sell their land and destroy our common home.
Confidence of the people today imposes special requirements and obligations, causes to be very responsible and fair leader — both in relation to his supporters, and to the people of alternative views, because true democracy is based not only on the approval of the will of the majority, but also to protect the rights of minorities.
To put the campaign, noting that she was completely open (any longer), democratic, in full compliance with national law, international practice and the cruel demands of those observers who came to us. Fortunately, yesterday we learned that even the Europeans to claim our elections and their results do not impose. Well, thank God!
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
But for me, especially expensive that Belarusian elections were eloquent testimony to the indissoluble unity of our people and the government and citizens. Nation to have its say, reaffirming that Belarus — a free, democratic state, and his choice is sacred and undeniable. For good reason the ancient voice of the people equated to the voice of God.
Some politicians, foreign states and international organizations have preferred to forget the the old as the world, the principle of democracy. But it is up to them. Leave them out of the equation, and we note that our people do not flinch at the critical moment, can not be either an economic dictatorship, no to political provocations, nor the hysteria shtetl corrupt politicians and journalists. Together, we have kept the main thing — the world of the Belarusian land, unity and national dignity.
These truly historic moment, I want to thank you, dear compatriots, for firmness, wisdom and patience. Thanks States, political leaders and all foreign friends who were with us in this difficult hour. And I want to remind detractors Belarusian folk wisdom: Do not inflate the fire from a neighbor — the fire may inadvertently spread to your home.
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The virus affects only the color revolutions weak countries whose state organism exhausted economic and social problems, and the government is at odds with the public. In Belarus, for it does not have the culture medium. Therefore, I give you a firm guarantee: a limit of revolutions and upheavals depleted. No "Maidan" and "The Square" in our society do not threaten. Security and stability in the Belarusian home we uberezhem of any intrigues — both outside and inside. Indeed, any power, and the more power to the people, is worth something, if it can defend itself.
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Dear friends! Many swords broken in disputes about who plays a big role in the story: the personality of a political leader or nation. I think that the truth is not in the priority of one of these components, and their harmony, mutual trust and coordination. It is through this unity, mutual understanding and a half dozen together we made a giant leap forward, successfully overcome all the hardships and difficulties.
Remember, what was the country in the mid-90's, poor, driven "svyadomymі demakratamі" to handle, where hundreds of thousands of hungry people took to the streets demanding work, wages, and a piece of bread, which was falling apart and plundered all that is possible, where the role of the state ideology claimed rabid nationalism with its Russophobia and obscurantism. We did not have any solid gold reserves, no natural resources, no strong financial support from the outside. There were only a hardworking hands, bright mind and talent of our people. And yet — our faith in each other and the only hope for the forces. And this simple recipe social worked better than any intricate economic theories and political technologies.
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We have not destroyed the country, we are not allowed to trample in the mud aspirations of the people, we have strengthened the nation, we have preserved the peace and harmony in society. Our policy in Belarus is not oligarchic structures, mass unemployment and widespread poverty.
Each year we try to do even better, sending 75% of all exports, which make. And it will work does not go into the pocket of the oligarchs, not leaked abroad and returned to the people in the form of wages and social benefits of investment in the domestic economy. And always will be!
Through the efforts of labor groups, regional and national authorities in the five years Belarus 2, 5-fold increase in the gross domestic product in nominal terms.
Today I want to express my appreciation and the previous government led by Sergei Sergeyevich Sidorsky for fruitful work. Forming the new Council of Ministers is changing. But even those who did not enter into it, will be in demand in our country and our people.
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
New times call for all of us and especially the managers of different levels, more dynamic and greater efficiency. Over the years, we have laid a strong foundation for long-term, stable development. Now the main task — to move from the restoration and preservation of multiple augmentation of all creation. This is our strategy and guideline for the next five years. The main driving force of growth should become business activity, initiative, creativity citizens. Our strategic goal — to bring the leaders of Belarus technological and intellectual development, to give a new image of the Belarusian economy, modernizing its structure, as well as industry and agriculture on the basis of the most advanced production facilities and technologies, creating incentives for domestic and foreign investment.
We will have a lot to do in order to make our society improved, developed, and the state has become more just and caring towards our people.
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Aware of the geopolitical role of Belarus as a link between East and West, as an integral part of Europe and the former Soviet Union, we will continue to implement a multi-vector foreign policy based on the priority of national interests, and the construction of the Union State, strengthening integration in the framework of the Common Economic Space, the Eurasian Economic Community, CIS and other international entities. We will seek maximum results from cooperation with Russia, Ukraine, China, Venezuela, our other strategic partners, as well as with the European Union, the United States, all states of the world community.
Dear friends! We still have much to do — for the country, for ourselves, for our children. To achieve these goals, we have all the features. Accumulated experience, a clear understanding of development priorities and the tremendous creative potential boundless energy of our people.
All of us should unite to look after our common home — native Belarus. By wise sayings, only homeland encompasses that is dear to all. Drawing on history and tradition, the specific features of the national character — honesty, hard work, courage and justice, tolerance, devotion to duty and patriotism, we can adequately respond to any challenges.
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Glorious past should be supported by large-scale works of the current generations. And then the word "Belarus" respectfully sounds all over the world, and our children and grandchildren will live in a prosperous European country and be proud of the pages, which we shall enter into the biography of our country.
Dear friends! Again, I want to thank you for your selection, and wish you all health, happiness, success, and most importantly — an inexhaustible force for creative work for the good of his beloved homeland. And if someone (in this hall, and outside it, who we see and hear today) still doubt whether he has made a choice, forgive my indiscretion, I say: do not worry, you have made the right choice, your President — your President, and he never let you down. Thank you!

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