The journalist complained. For the policemen had language classes

"All employees of the Interior of the Republic of Belarus Belarusian know-level secondary education they received," so stated the correspondent information company "BelaPAN" Vladimir Laptsevich in response to his complaint from the temporary detention. The journalist complained that the prison staff during his imprisonment answered him in Russian than breaking the law "On Languages". Reply signed an acting chief of the isolator Pavlov.

The response also stated that training programs for vocational and most of the higher institutions of Belarus does not provide in-depth study of the Belarusian and Russian languages. Vladimir Laptsevich correspondence Oleg Pavlov's not happy. Consider it a formal letter:

"The answer is not in fact correspond to that for which I complained. I did not ask anyone to tell me about paglyblenasts the study of languages. For me it was mostly to prison staff addressed me by Belarusian and morphological analysis of said I'm one of the police officers did not ask to do. The law "On Languages" says that public servants need to know both Belarusian and Russian language within which allow them to perform their duties. "

Vladimir Laptsevich answer was informed that the March 29, 2011 for employees of the insulator studies have been conducted on the topic: "The study of the Belarusian language as a condition for raising the level of professional and legal culture." Nevertheless, journalist all the same going to court to appeal the response chief of the isolator.

Vladimir Laptsevich arrested March 25 on a pedestrian street Lenin Mogilev. He was going to cover the share of local opposition, dedicated to the Day of Freedom. Judge Irina Lanchava found him guilty on two articles of the Administrative Code: for abuse and neglect of the comments policemen, as well as for disobeying them. The journalist was sentenced to seven days in jail. Three of them, he goes to court.


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