The Kharkov factory refurbished six trams for Eupatorium



Car Repair Plant at Kharkov repaired six trams for KP "Tram management. Piatetski "(Evpatoria, Crimea).
According to the newspaper, trams overhauled bogies, body and beauty, have established a modern electrical equipment and scoreboards, which broadcast the route and number of the tram. In the salons replaced the seats, on the windows — rubber gaskets. Additionally, in wagons, place the monitor on which passengers can view informational videos. Cash (8 mln.) For the repair of trams have been allocated from the state budget, in accordance with the program of "Crimea — the pearl of Ukraine." According to the newspaper, this year Kharkov repaired another 9 cars, as well as produce a renewal of contact networks and tramways.

Three tram cars KP "Tram management. Piatetski "(Evpatoria) were sent for overhaul to Kharkov in September 2011 Earlier, the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of the ARC entered into a contract to purchase services for maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of street cars in Czechoslovakia 1988-89. release.

Evpatoria — a resort town in Crimea. The permanent population of the city is 125 thousand people. Every year for rest and treatment in Evpatoria comes to 700-900 thousand people. The only city in Crimea, where there are trams.

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