The Kremlin again fooling military

The prestige of military service in this country, and so is not great, but it reduces more and more. One gets the feeling that wish to do so to serve amiyu generally no one came, refers to professional soldiers. Why stand in the background of statements by the President, to raise foreign exchange allowances for military personnel and provide them with housing. A year earlier, when the open a discussion on the 2010 budget, president Medvedev was confident that his instructions for the speedy resolution of housing problems in the army and navy are met. But it turns out, the government has brought in its promises adjustments. This information is never made public, and appeared only in the State Duma on November 1.

"As recognized by the first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Defense United Russia, Yuri Savenko, in a signed opinion on the draft budget for 2011-2013 noted that" the bill does not provide funds for the thrifty in accordance with the decisions of the President of the Russian Federation currency reform of servicemen " in this period. The representative of the party in power in this paper makes a disappointing conclusion: "Given the rapid growth in prices of essential goods, you can wait for the upcoming deteriorating social position most of the military personnel and military retirees." According to the views of the deputy, as "the tendency to reduce the differences between the old-age pension and the military pension, which has a negative impact on the real military security of older people and encouraging military service in the Armed Forces". "It is also noted that solving the housing problems of the officers, Dismissed from the sun since 2010. postponed for 2013. Themselves aware of the elections in 2012. purged of all "self" or dare new promises or just utter — it has promised of old president, to him and claim.

That's how our deputies of the State Duma decided difficulties army. Well, did not provide economical means, and everyone here. It creates the impression that and president and the State Duma and the Minister of Defense systematically and in turn disrupt and destroy the Russian army, creating an unworkable conditions for military personnel. Who generally sits in our State Duma, if they are not in a position to allocate funds for the thrifty already promised by the president of the needs of the military? President same otmolchitsya about this, because the first time in our administrative and promise not to do.

Is not it time our President, the Minister of Defense and the State Duma clearly say — We do not need army in general, let our municipal interests protected army NATO's enough to hide their true intentions, they are visible to everyone. The fear is, well, make some noise on the web on news websites and forums and nothing more will not. But will not the army and do not need to spend money on it, by the more get it.

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