The Kremlin does not want the creation of the Iranian bomb, therefore remains in Bushehr (Il Foglio, Italy)

Iran uses the Russian uranium on its own nuclear power plant. Medvedev helps ayatollahs and tries to reduce the risk of them

After months of mysterious problems and accidents suspected Iranian art yesterday laid the first dose of the uranium fuel in the atomic reactor Bushehr. There was a brand new phase in a long and painful process that should enable the country to produce nuclear energy. Higher manager of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has received congratulations and blessings from the parliament in Tehran: "The United States and some European countries have tried to stop us, but we still managed to finish our development policy", — said the head of the committee on foreign affairs Alaeddin Boroujerdi (Alaeddin Boroujerdi) .

International Society nourishes languid suspicions about Iran's nuclear programs from. South American intelligence claims that Tehran is making a tool of mass destruction, this conjecture is supported by some reports internationality Atomic Energy Agency to the UN (IAEA). Responsible for the nuclear power station in Bushehr, Ali Akbar Salehi said yesterday Iranian news agency Fars, that the work "will be completed in 55 days" and that the nuclear power plant will be connected to the network "no later than February."

Uranium for nuclear power station in Bushehr comes from Russia: Kremlin officials for years cooperated with Iran to make a nuclear power plant and attended a superb ceremony organized by the previous August the Islamic regime. But Moscow's role in this game have been mixed: President Dmitry Medvedev has recently canceled the contract, which has permitted Iran to acquire anti-aircraft missile system S300; in September, when the information virus blocked the computers of Bushehr, some analysts have reported that this is the result of sabotage, organized by the Russian hidden services.

According to sources, the newspaper «Il Foglio», close to the Kremlin, energy cooperation with Tehran was "developing a natural way and without problems." Yesterday in Russia IAEA delegation met a government representatives. In the program of the meeting was a discussion of the nuclear programs from the Ayatollah. "No one is interested in the development of Iran's nuclear bomb — they say in Moscow — in fact, this danger is to ourselves first."

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