The lines of the Gods

The lines of the GodsThe parallels and meridians — are imaginary lines on the Earth's surface, forming a grid of geographical coordinates. We all know this since high school, as well as the fact that in ancient times the coordinate system does not exist, and most of geographical discoveries were made blindly. Although there should be a correction: geographic coordinate system was not our civilization. But it was in the ancient — the Egyptians, Sumerians, Chinese, Mayan — get these intimate knowledge of the gods.

According to legend, the gods divided the sky over our planet into three zones: the northern, central and southern. Dividing line passed by the 30th parallel of north and south latitude. And just on the southern latitude of the Nazca Valley is — as far as the famous, and just as mysterious. Huge stylized images of 18 different species of birds, monkeys, killer whales, spider, lizards, and even people who occupy the plateau area of 500 square meters. km. Who are the "trace" for these pictures? When? In what way and for what? None of the many theories attempting to answer these questions, was not confirmed.

Nazca drawings are not visible from the ground, so there is nothing strange in the fact that they are found only in the middle of the XX century: the amazing figures said the pilot was flying over the desert. Of course, archaeologists could not get past the obvious thought: huge images — some reaching a length of 10 km (!) — Created to admire them from the air. Indeed, as shown by pictures from space, they can be seen from the height of 920 km.

The 30th parallel north latitude, it seems, was of much greater importance. Along it were built on the ancient holy cities of Tibet to Egypt, and it is on it — on the central plains of the Sinai Peninsula — located facilities which researchers believe ancient spaceport. But let's first …


Indian Mount Kailash, which lies on the 30th parallel, a holy place on Earth as much as the representatives of the four religions — Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and followers of the ancient Tibetan Bon teachings. And in this area originate four major rivers of India, Tibet and Nepal: the Indus, the Sutlej, Brahmaputra and Karnali. Here live the god Shiva and one of the forms of the Buddha, and at the same time is the entrance to the mystical land of Shambhala …
But most importantly, what attracts pilgrims and pilgrims Kailash — is the opportunity to make a crust — a ritual round. It is believed that a single turn around Kailash gets rid of all the sins of life, and 108-fold to jump into nirvana even in this life. In truth the last assertion of no doubts, as one circuit around the mountain is 53 kilometers.

The exact height of the mountain remains in question. For example, the monks say that Kailash reaches 6666 m, and the researchers put the number at 6,714 m addition, Kailash "breathe" — the mountain that "grows", then "falls", and so its height varies over the year by several tens of meters . Also worth mentioning is taboo for the ascent, by which Kailash still considered unconquered. Any expedition to the mountain is only possible with the express permission of the Chinese authorities. But the rulers of the earth, seems to have no authority Kailas: talk like everyone who has ever tried to climb to the top, or died, or returned before reaching the goal. Thus, the alleged Soviet times on the slopes of Kailas disappeared two expeditions NKVD …

What kind of place is it? Kailash actually — this is the correct four-sided pyramid, the slopes of which are oriented to the cardinal. Rounded tip in the form of eggs and covered in permanent ice cap, and the like Kailash is made of 13 horizontal layers of step. Superficially resembles a giant mountain of stone steps leading from the base to the top.

Kailash main mystery — is its slopes, similar to stone concave mirror up to 1800 m, in the opinion of some scientists, are able to influence the course of time. In particular, the famous Russian explorer Ernest Muldasheva who tried to climb the mountain in 1999, local residents were warned that it in no way does not leave the sacred path laid llamas. Say otherwise be trouble. And tells the story of four climbers: those strayed from the Sacred Way, and on his return from the expedition began to age dramatically. As a result, they all died in one year — and the medicine has not been able to name the cause of their death.

And whether a horror story so affected, or higher powers intervened, but the top of Kailash Muldashev never went …

Curious geometry
Continuing the theme, we can not say that all ancient shrines — Kailash, Stonehenge, the Pyramids (Egyptian and Mexican), Easter Island — located on the planet Earth is not haphazard as it might seem at first glance.

The main "mirror" Kailash looks exactly the Egyptian pyramids and the other two, the northern "mirrors" — in Mexico. Sphinx also called on Kailash. You will not believe this, but if you connect the meridian Kailash and the Pyramids of Egypt, the extension of the line to lead us to Easter Island. And the distance from Mount Kailash to the pyramids will be exactly one quarter of the distance from Kailash before Easter.

Continuation of the "Easter Island — Mexican pyramid" will lead us again to Kailash! In this case, the distance from the stone quarries to the pyramid will be equal to one quarter of the route from Easter to Kailash.
Moving on: Kailash join with the monument of Stonehenge and see that the continuation of the straight line leads us to … Easter Island. Lay off one-third of the distance from the island and end up exactly in the Bermuda Triangle!

To top it impossible not to recall the official height of Mount Kailash — 6714 meters. Meanwhile, it is 6714 kilometers separate Kailash and Stonehenge! As much from Stonehenge to the Bermuda Triangle and the Bermuda Triangle to Easter Island. Moreover, from the North Pole to the Kailash as 6714 km!

Stone Belt China
Although the parallels and meridians — lines conditional, namely the 30th parallel can be seen from space. However, with a very small orbit, in good visibility and only in China, where its path … "circled" the builders of the Great Wall of China. This monumental building an 8-km 851.8 can rightly be considered the greatest achievement of world civilization, the main mystery is still not solved.

First, the geographical position. Scientists restored example configuration of the Eurasian continent 2200 years ago. So, while the Great Wall of China was virtually along the 30th parallel. Accurate maps of the earth's surface was not there, the more aerial, so naturally the question arises: who was the chief architect of the project?

The second riddle: practical application of the wall. It is considered that the construction of the "Stone Belt" began because of the need to strengthen the borders of the Chinese state. In the north, gaining strength nomads and Empire decided to isolate themselves from the outside world. This version is the standard, but in this case more interesting to others.

Base grandiose monument served two carriers wall located at a distance of 7 meters from each other. The gap between the walls covered with soil, clay, and the bodies of nameless workers, of whom were buried in the wall in a vertical position. According to some reports, during the construction of the Great Wall of China was buried about … a million people! If one considers that the human soul is periodically returns to the place of burial of the body, you can imagine what a tremendous energy going here.

Researchers believe this is abnormal phenomena millionth dumping is not nothing but a huge battery. But then the question immediately arises: what and how it is nurtured? It is known that any physical body has an electric potential, and the planet Earth — in the first place. The Great Wall was built not just anywhere, but in expiration has this potential to the north and south! According to the laws of electrodynamics, the movement of our planet around the sun generates an electromagnetic wave, the phase velocity is much greater than the speed of light, and it creates all the conditions for establishing communication. With who?
Apparently, with the cosmos.

According to scientists, the outer walls of the monument can be used as two-wire line. On them allegedly allowed a signal that changes the structure of the natural electromagnetic field of the Earth and send the information via … complex intergalactic communication of Giza!

Alien transmitter
Scientists have disproved the theory of XIX century Egyptologists who believe that the pyramid — this grandiose tombs built during the life of the pharaohs. After all, none of the pyramids did not find the body of the pharaoh who ordered it built.

For some time it was thought that the evidence of this hypothesis found in the third-largest pyramid — Pharaoh Menkaure. Because that is where in 1837 British Colonel Howard Vyse and his two assistants have found the mummified remains of a sarcophagus. But in fact — a fact that has long been known to scientists, but not too advertised — no mummy, or even a wooden sarcophagus not belong Menkaure! Most likely, Weiss and his colleagues have brought in a pyramid sarcophagus made over two thousand years after the death of Pharaoh, and remains, dating to the Christian era — and combined with two artifacts. The result is a shameless archaeological fake!

For what in reality is constructed "the seventh wonder of the world", we can only speculate. And if so, what version of the practical use of the pyramids as the transmitter is also noteworthy. According to this hypothesis, the top of the main pyramid — Cheops — was used as a reception point energoinformatsii space formed in a spiral and directed downward. Scientists know that the pyramidal structures are the generators of the energy field, the parameters of which conventional science has not yet been determined. Because of these effects on the identified complex at Giza no-fly any aircraft, above the pyramids are too often denied and navigational instruments and engines.

Why would not build the pyramids in Egypt, the creators knew the length of the equator and the length of the year to within a few decimal places. They knew the length of the Earth's orbit, the weight of the Earth, 26,000-year cycle of the equinoxes, the acceleration of gravity and the speed of light … And the location of the pyramid is on the 30th parallel suggests that the construction was carefully calibrated geographically …

Where and by whom?
In addition to the grand ancient megaliths were built on the 30th parallel their holy city, and who knows who and what has advised people to do so. Where do they come from knowledge and technology for the construction? Why then they were lost and were reborn in the best case in the Middle Ages?

Think of the Maya, who brought your alarm clock on December 21, 2012. How could people who arranges blood sacrifice, self-reach so deep and accurate astronomical calculations? Or how does one explain that the small African Dogon people living on the territory of the Republic of Mali, in ancient times knew about the trajectory of the invisible to the naked eye companion of Sirius, the four largest moons of Jupiter, the spiral galaxies and other astronomical realities?

Precise answers to these questions. And they are not likely to appear. Traces of bygone civilizations, for the most part already erased by time and man, and it is likely that our present world and one will sink into oblivion … God grant that this did not happen earlier than the year 4024 …

Andrew Rukhlov

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