The main combat equipment Airborne become BMD-4M, «Tigers» and «KamAZ»

The main combat equipment Airborne become BMD-4M,
The main task that faces the Russian Airborne Troops command as military authority — a multipurpose re divisions of airborne troops in the most short time (the coming 3-5 years). , Told reporters Russian Airborne Troops Commander Colonel General Vladimir Shamanov. This, namely, reports the press service of the Office and the Defense Ministry disk imaging on its own official website. Emphasis will be re-made for the purchase of Russian art: BMD-4M, armored cars «Tiger-M» and armored vehicles «KamAZ».

By Vladimir Shamanov views in the development of new armored tracked vehicles shall be conditioned for paratroopers ideology that was laid famous Vasily Margelov — 3 BMD (platoon) must dismount and transported via 1st transport aircraft. With all the properties of weapons and bronezaschischennosti airborne combat vehicles must now comply with the most stringent modern requirements.

Airborne Commander believes that all of these requirements now meets newcomer BMD-4M. According to him, it is not perfect fighting machine, but it has great potential for modernization and improvement forthcoming. With all this it’s about as basic chassis of the machine and its weapons module. According to Colonel-General, the first 5 new airborne combat vehicles to pass state tests terminating stage Airborne receive before the end of 2013. 5 new BMD-4M, and 10 multi-purpose armored vehicles «Shell» Marines need to get in the first half of next year.

 The main combat equipment Airborne become BMD-4M,

With all this Shamanov said VDV command considering options adopting special, reconnaissance and support units of paratroopers light armored vehicles. Namely well established itself in the Airborne Russian armored «Tiger», but the final decision on acceptance of the machine into service it is necessary that it has gone a full and comprehensive range of tests in the armed forces, including the need to verify the ability of its landing of Russian military aircraft transport aircraft, the general said.
In this respect, the paratroopers had already established close cooperation with the management of «KAMAZ» has great production. According Shamanova, in September-October 2013, the first samples of military equipment to meet all of the Airborne Troops will enter the army. Common ideology and a multipurpose approach in re troops laid realized in Russia in the state armaments program and are reflected in the plans for upgrading and retrofitting Airborne up to 2020.
BMD-4M or «Giardiniera» airborne combat vehicle, is the modernization of the previous version (BMD-4). Differs from its predecessor the new engine, body, chassis and other nodes. This combat vehicle is a model aviatransportabelnoy floating combat vehicles, track platform. BMD-4M can parachute in the set point by parachute or landing, as no personnel, and with personnel inside the machine. This standard allows maneuvering armored offensive and defensive actions in the offline mode, also in collaboration with other standards and types of weapons.

BMD-4M has a unique degree of security and massive armament complex. Russian newcomer development by 80% on standardized components and units with BMP-3, which greatly simplifies the process of its production, operation and maintenance. Weighing in at 13.5 tonnes in BMD-4M more massive weapons, improved buoyancy, with all this armor is thinner than that of the BMD-4. On the latest heavy-duty machine used special duralumin alloy, which provides the best protection of the crew. The assurances of the creators of the machine, armor BMD-4M has qualities that exclude fragments of habitable compartment inside armored vehicles in case of defeat its shells or cartridges mnogokalibernymi.

Brand new airborne combat vehicle equipped with fighting module «Bakhcha-U», which was created in the famous Tula Instrument Design Bureau. This module was used previously on the BMD-4, which eliminates the need for re-training of personnel, and the substitution of simulators installed in military schools. With all of this active combat unit is actually 100% unified with armed Russian BMP-3. These machines use the same weapons, ammunition and sighting and computing systems. In comparison with arms BMD-3 new fighting compartment in firepower, at least 2.5 times, and in some combat features and much higher and allows paratroopers sure to solve various puzzles without fighting fire support from artillery and tanks not only to conduct offensive operations, and during operations in defense.

BMD-4M Armament consists of a 100-mm gun 2A70 (ammunition 34 high-explosive projectile), 30-mm automatic gun 2A72 (500 rounds of ammunition), mated to a 7.62 mm machine gun MTSO (2000 rounds of ammunition), the course also 5.45-mm machine gun RPKS-74. BMD-4M is also armed with four anti-tank «Arkan», is actually capable of hitting any target. In addition to the arsenal of BMD-4M comes 6h81 mm smoke grenade 3D6 (3D6M) «Cloud» that can provide combat vehicle non-hazardous waste under fire. For the convenience of shooting at the machine there are night vision, thermal imaging, laser range finder, as a means of target tracking. According to experts, a set installed on the BMD-4M equipment virtually eliminates the possibility of a miss.

Crew BMD-4M contains 3 people, so it can transport up to 5 marines. In the bow of BMD office located the driver, on the tower with a gunner, commander and chief weapons. Behind the tower is a branch of the landing, designed for 5 people. For their dismounting from the machine used special aft hatch. In the stern of BMD-4M is located powerpack compartment in which a diesel engine 2V06-2 with integrated turbocharged. Engine power — 450 hp Progress in store BMD-4M — 500 km, in store fuel — 450 liters. When driving on the road the car can accelerate to 70 km / h, water speed — 10 km / h For movement afloat machine armed with 2 special hydrojet water jet.

Armored Car «Tiger-M»

It is understood that a special armored «Tiger-M» will be adopted by the Russian armed forces in 2013. This was previously stated spokesman Industrial Company (MIC) Sergei Suvorov. According to him, armored «Tiger» in the improved modification was to be adopted by the Russian Army in the first half of 2013. According to Suvorov, «Tiger-M» is quite graduated series of tests and municipalities currently being finalized according to customer requirements. Namely, there are works to increase its mine protection.

Sergei Suvorov said that despite the fact that the armored car «Tiger-M» has not officially adopted by the Russian army, he made standard on the Arzamas machine-building plant, including for export. Currently, armored «Tiger» come to Brazil, the Republic of Congo, Guinea and Uruguay. On armored «Tiger-M» set a new diesel engine JAMZ 5347-10 oversized, filter installation, new armored hood, the number of seats was increased to 9 turntable, Curb bicuspid flap was replaced by one swing hatch square.

Custom armored GAZ-233114 «Tiger-M» has the 5th class ballistic protection. Inside «Tiger-M» feature space to accommodate the driver, the vehicle commander and seven marines. Immediately provides space to accommodate ammunition, rocket-propelled grenades (RPG-like 26), padlocking radio controlled improvised explosive devices and radio. The car is made by 4×4, its load capacity — up to 1500 kg. Equipped with mass «Tiger» — 7800 kg, maximum road speed — 120-125 km / h The machine can be equipped with a 5-speed automatic or 6-speed manual.

Weaponry «KamAZ»

On what specific combat vehicles «KamAZ» Airborne intrigued, read with full confidence while it is impossible. But Airborne could arrange at least 3 models that run in Naberezhnye Chelny. Question about the Italian armored car «Iveco», which in Russia has received the title of «Lynx» (but this option is unlikely because VDV going to get fitted for their purpose armored «Tiger-M»), armored vehicles «Typhoon-K» and «Shot- M «.

The main combat equipment Airborne become BMD-4M,

Namely, not so long ago, Commander Airborne read that the air assault division can get adopted armored «Typhoon-K.» With all this it is most likely talking about the version of the machine with a 4×4. Work on the creation of this model go to «KAMAZ» in full swing. At the same time the production version of the car has a 6×6 and is unlikely to want the paratroopers by weight. According to available disk imaging, gross weight modular «Typhoon» — 21 ton corps — 17 tons. At the same time the armored car «Shot-M» can also represent enthusiasm for paratroopers because it has the smallest mass — up to 14 tons. With all of this armored car «Shot-M ‘is a transition model to armored car family» Typhoon «4×4.

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